Jennifer Marie Monck
married her best friend & kindred spirit
Daniel Robert Seest

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Our Wedding Invitation

Isn't it lovely? It's rather unusual...looks like it could be a scene from "Christy" *_* One of the girls I was in the Home Ec House with in college used this invitation, and I asked then if I could use the same "someday" *_*

And 7 years later...*_*

This is one of our favorite wedding photos...
old-fashioned, country, Victorian, dreamy!!!

Our little church in Floral City, Florida
was beautiful for the ceremony!

The Groom & his handsome Brudders:

Donnie - the youngest and only still-single brother at the time of the wedding. Donnie has since blessed the Seest Clan with his beautiful wife NaTausha and their 3 precious daughters MadeLynn, BreAnna, and MacKenzie, bringing the grand total of Don & Sandy's grandchildren to 14!

Doug - #4 of the 5 Seest Brothers, Doug is married to Julie, and they have two adorable girls, Jenna and Kayla!


Tim - the best man as well as Daniel's identical twin! He is married to Jennifer's long-time friend and kindred spirit Katie! And the two of them have added three Seestlings to the nest, with Matthew, Joshua, and Alayna!

Chuck - the #1 son of Don & Sandy! At the time of the wedding, Chuck and his wife Carol were expecting the first Seest grandchild. They now have 4 children: Nicole, Ben, Will, and Drew.

The Bride & her Sisters:

Karen C. - Karen and Jennifer worked together at a local hospital for just over a year. Karen, or K.C., is a precious sister in Christ as well as a kindred spirit!

Joann P. - Joann is Jennifer's sister, as well as friend and sister in the LORD! She was the matron of honor.

Joanna Lee - Joanna was Jennifer's only niece at the time of the wedding. She was our flower girl, and a cuter one simply could not be imagined. When asked why she didn't drop any of the rose petals Jennifer had painstakingly filled the basket with that morning, she said in her adorable little voice, "Because I didn't want all those people 'teppin' on 'em!"

Donna J. - aka Dear-to Donna, is a precious sister in the LORD as well as a kindred spirit. The only bridesmaid (as opposed to bride's-matron - married), she and Jennifer had a deal that, if they were both single on Jennifer's 30th birthday, they would go on a Christian singles' cruise together! Sorry, Donna!

Katie S. - if you've read Our Story, you know Katie to be our matchmaker as well as Jennifer's kindred spirit since their meeting at THE WILDS Christian Camp. And now, she is Jennifer's twin-sis-in-law, married to Daniel's identical twin brother!

This is right outside the church in Floral City...
what a beautiful place for a beautiful marriage to begin!

Anything worth having
is worth waiting for....

Sandy & Don Seest, September '65

Joan & John Monck, August '58

And at our wedding...
Momma was watching from Heaven....

The Symbolism of Flowers...

Have you ever wondered what was the "meaning" behind your favorite flowers? I have, and I would like to share a site with you that has the meanings...good and BAD *o*..of many flowers!!

Flowers used in our wedding:

White roses - innocence & purity
White Carnations - distinction
Ivy - wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection
Heather - admiration, solitude
Baby's Breath - pure heart
Magnolia - nobility *_* (we are both children of the King of Kings *_*)

White flowers in general stand for innocence, purity, truth, and serenity.

Our wedding programme....

Pretty fascinating, don't you think?
What are YOUR favorite flowers?
Actually, my favorite couldn't be used in our wedding
due to the time of year...
I love violets, wisteria, and irises...but of course!
They're PURPLE!!
If you'd like to see the list from which I gleaned this information...and there are MANY more flowers, you are sure to find your favorite!...visit Pinkie's Parlour!
Pinkie's Parlour

Would you like to hear/read the lyrics our wedding music??
I have made a page for each song in the wedding. Click HERE to see!

Warmest Thanks to everyone who had a part
in making our wedding day so very special.

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