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I hope you like all of these crafty Valentines!! I thought a kids set would be fun *_*

We have all the usual buttons, plus several signs, minis, ETC. for your decorating enjoyment *_*

AND we're adding a quilt rack and 2 blank squares for you to personalize!!!! Check them out at the bottom of the page *_*

Take some time to do for others...to give of YOURSELF to others this Valentines Day. REMEMBER:
"God so loved the world that He GAVE..."
Remember others...show them what TRUE love is! MANY need to come to know the Saviour personally. Share the true, the JOYFUL, reason behind this upcoming
Valentine's Day Celebration *_*

Our Valentine's Day Quilt Rack & Squares!!!

Here are the 2 blank squares:

Happy Valentine's Day *_*
Love EWE, Dadda!Psalm 18:1Love from Momma Kitty *_*Our Love Story *_*
John 15:13Love from CALEB *_*John 3:16Love from LYDIA *_*

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