The Seest Family's
Y2K Christmas Vacation!!!

We got to go to
North Carolina
for our
Christmas Vacation
in 2000 *_*
Here are a few selections
for you to ENJOY

This is taken on the front walk at Poppa & Louise's time share... that they shared with US this year!! (No, I did NOT get my hair cut *_*) We were SO thrilled when the first morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground!!!

And the SECOND morning when we got up, we were met with THIS view! It had snowed all night long and was still snowing... NOT a regular occurrence in North Carolina (so stop laughing, you snowbirds!)

Caleb & Lydia had a ball just playing in the parking lot, but we took them for a walk....

Since there were so many golf courses around, there were BEAUTIFUL snowy slopes and very clear paths *_* BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Later at this same "tee", Daniel and the kiddos built this snowman (6 foot tall!!!), snowdoggie (to the snowman's left), & snowkitty...which Lydia kept kissing *_*

Lydia had a BALL... You can almost hear her singing "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland"!

Just another beautiful shot...that is Daniel & Lydia way down the road *_*

Dadda went back for the car and the kiddos and I were walking back through the ever thickening snowfall when we met up with this was Poppa & Louise disguised as snow people!!!! Poppa made a snow angel and had a snowball fight with Caleb *_*

They were so cute all bundled can see where their grandkids got their cuteness *_*

Later on in the day, we let the babies take a nice warm bubble bath in the jacuzzi *_*

The next day, Poppa & Louise watched the babies so that Daniel & I could have a date at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville *_*

It has become my "tradition" to kiss the lion by the front door of the mansion each time I go there. No contact, mind you, just a "posed" kiss *_* Hey, I was on a DATE!!!

Daniel & I with our dream house in the background...NOT! There's no way I would want that kind of responsibility...that kind of cleanup job.... But it was fun to visit *_* And Daniel took me to the Deerpark Restaurant where we had a scrumptious buffet luncheon!!! And of course, just the drive to and from were beautiful with all the snow and icicles!!!

The next day bright and early, we all packed up and headed for Dillsboro & the Great Smokey Mountain Train Ride!!!!!

We rode in a very nice HEATED car with this wonderfully restored steam engine pulling us *_* I had the blessing of riding the GSMR years back with my sister & her family & Poppa...when Joanna Lee was about Lydia's age *_*

Looks like artwork, hunh? This is the view from the train while parked on the Fontana Trestle!!! The Fontana Dam was being worked on, so the water had been drained for the season. That left the water level WAAAAAAAAY down!!! It was breath-taking.

Lydia LOVED it *_*

As did our little engineer-wanna-be Caleb *_* It was a wonderful trip...

But for now, here are Caleb, Lydia, and Dadda Daniel at the lake by the time share wishing you a WONDERFUL Christmas Vacation!!!

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