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Mele Kalikimaka (or "Merry Christmas!")

In 1998, the "theme" for our Christmas page was

"Gingerbread Men"

Now, mind you, I don't personify EVERYTHING,
but this theme literally jumped out at me *_*
While we lived in Hawaii,
we noticed that most people "observed" Christmas by

"baking" the sun....

I have a special place in my heart for gingerbread men.
Let me explain...
In May of 1995, my sister and I attended
a Mother/Daughter Banquet at our church in Floral City, FL
If you know anything about me,
you know that my Momma is in Heaven;
so a Mother/Daughter Banquet is a rather sentimental event.
That year, I tried to "cope" by making my sister happy...
Love her heart, she appreciates my humor!!!
For dessert, we had bowls of ice cream with
a little gingerbread man 'standing' in each.

Seeing my opportunity, I elbowed my sister;
"Look! How novel, a man with cold feet!"
It was at the end of that month that
my Daniel wrote me for the first time *_*

So, what am I getting at? Well, I'm glad you asked!!
We are told in God's Word to be "fishers of men";
so when I saw this graphic...

What do you think I thought of???
We need to see people as souls;
and now when I see gingerbread men,
I'm reminded of those souls!! I want to be a "collector"!
And this kind of collection is eternal...
you CAN take them with you!!!

11/23/98~~Thank you very much for this
our FIRST Christmas award, Melanie!!!
I just LOVE your this page PROVES *_*


days til Christmas *_*

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My twin-sis-in-law Katie sent me Celestial Seasonsings latest Christmas Tea -- Gingerbread Spice!!! INCREDIBLE.... It's available at their online catalog...just click on the "box" below!!
Celestial Seasonings Tea!

How about home-made gingerbread SOAP???
My dear sister Joan has a site with NUMEROUS scrumptious scented honey soaps!! And GINGERBREAD is one of them! Visit Honey Hill Farm, and ENJOY!!

Thanks, Kinder Art!
Click on the gingerbread man above to visit KinderArt!!
They have lots of fun craft ideas and coloring print-outs!

of each year is Gingerbread Day!
It isn't just for Christmas anymore *_*

AND I loved this set from Melanie's Homespun Graphics SO much, but I can no longer find her site! SO for those of you looking for gingerbread graphics, click HERE and ENJOY *_*

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