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Star in the Window Set

I found out when researching this set that
The American Legion
is reinstating the blue star service banner tradition from World War II!

Remember them?
Or remember hearing about them?
The blue star was to go in the window of those with a loved one in the war.

The gold star was to replace the blue when the family member was killed in action.

We have guestbook buttons
& a mailbox at the bottom of the page,
plus the bars, minis, signs, and background used on the page *_*
AND my Patriotic Set goes with this set very nicely.

"During World War II all across America banners were hung in the windows of homes where young men had gone off to service. You remmember - one blue star for each son who left and a gold one if he wasn't coming home.

One evening a young boy was walking down the street with his father. The stars and the banners caught his eye, and after a time he began counting them. "One star in that window," he announced. "And one in the next." He clapped his little hands and shouted out, "Oh look, Daddy! There are three stars at that house." He ran up and down the avenue pointing out stars and pulling his Daddy along. Then they got to one house that puzzled him. "Look at that big house. It has lots of windows, but there's not one star - not even one. Why, Daddy?" The father didn't seem to hear the question. He felt the little boy was too young to understand the meaning of all those service stars anyway. After all, how does one explain to a five year old the loneliness, hopes and fears on the other side of those stars in the windows?

Then they came to a vacant lot. There were no houses, so no windows to hang service banners. But in the distance a stretch of sky where one evening star was brightly glowing. "Oh look . . . look!" the little boy exclaimed. "There's one star in God's window. That means God gave a Son, too." Then noticing the gold color he added, "And He died."

This quotation is taken from
"Beyond the Manger", a Christmas Cantata
by Derric Johnson and Larry Mayfield
Published by
Regeneration Music Services
PO Box 40772
Nashville, TN 37204
Copyright 1981

ALSO, I have a "front door & window" display on our homepage, and I thought it would be appropriate to have a star in the window on those graphics...and offer them to YOU *_*

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(E-mail me if you need more stars in the window....)

And one more thing...I'm making star graphics for you to print and post on your own windows at home for those of you with active duty military in your household or family! Just e-mail me with the number of blue stars you need, and I'll send you a full-sized graphic suitable for printing and placing in your front window!!

Thanks, Dynamic Drive, for the snow effect hearts!!!

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