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Spring Set

Here is our latest spring set!
It also makes a lovely Valentine's Day set *_*
I'm afraid that spring is a bit neglected in my graphics, but I had an adorable set created in '99, and someone purchased it and the rights to it!!! Deep sigh! So here is my latest attempt *_*

I just LOVE the berry wreaths that are available at the country and victorian shops right now, so I created a set with them as the "theme" *_* We have the backgrounds, welcome sign, buttons, logo, and individual wreaths.

Welcome, FRIENDS!

The colors are:
#6B4A21, &#FFC6DE

And the font is Cotillion

One of the nicest parts about this set is that the other spring set buttons, bars, backgrounds, minis, and signs are interchangable...used the same colors *_*

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