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Jennifer's BOOKS!

The Bennett Vignettes - A Historical Series of Enduring Romance
Begun in April of 2003

No Accident - A Historical Novel of Enduring Romance
"There are no 'accidents' with God in control...."

Our Refuge - A Historical Novel of Enduring Romance
GOD is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.... ~ Psalm 46:1

A Time of War - A Historical Novel of Enduring Romance
To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace....

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 8 ~

Never Forsaken - A Historical Novel of Enduring Love
is book IV in the series,
gone to the presses December 2007!!
And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.
~ Psalm 9:10 ~

About US *_*
Jennifer's Testimony

Our Love Story
   Taking Leave
   The Engagement
   Wedding Plans...
   Wedding Vows
   Our Wedding
   Our Wedding Music
      Anne of Green Gables Theme
      Be Still My Soul
      Be Thou My Vision
      Here Comes the Bride (not the one you're thinking!)
      The Hiding Place
      His Eye is on the Sparrow
      I Will Wait for You
      The Lord is my Shepherd
      O Danny Boy/He Looked Beyond My Fault
      Prelude in C
      Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
      Somewhere Out There
      Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart
      Sunrise, Sunset
      Thine Be The Glory

Devotions -- Bible Studies
   God's Plan of Salvation
   My Testimony
   Why I Use the King James Version
   Daily Hymn Devotional
   God Honoring Speech
   Think on THESE Things
   The Cross
   10 Commandments
   Attributes of a Godly Woman
   Long Hair - a Christian Woman's Covering for God's Glory - NEW 12/5/7
   Choose LIFE!
   Self Esteem - By David Ameen Jr.
   Healthy YOU God-pleasing temple maintenance.
      Healthy AIR
      Healthy LIGHT
      Healthy FOOD
      Healthy WATER
      Healthy EXERCISE
      Healthy Thought-life
   The Crayon Box Song
   Be JOYFUL!!!
   What is PASSOVER?
   Wait on the LORD
   The TRINITY - Lessons from a Shamrock
   My Momma -- Jennifer's Mother's testimony
through her battle with cancer
      Families Coping With Cancer Webring
      Momma's Poem
   Yield Not to Temptation
   A Chick Tract Trick-or-Treat TREAT
   Fear NONE but God
   Fear THIS....
   A Strategy Meeting in Hell
   Freedom is never "Free"
   The Christian and FINANCES
   Back to School - STUDY

Hawaiian Cyber-Vacation

Our Mouse House -- Mouse info and Book Review!!
   Cheesy Recipes

My Garden Gate *_*
   My Garden

Mysterious Fathoms Below -- Our Submarine Page *_*

Our Farm
   The Country Club

Our Family Photos!
   Christmas Vacation 2000

Poppa & Louise Monck *_*

Our POW/MIA Page
   Michael G. Hoff
   William G. Bennett
   Thomas W Bennett, Jr.
   Harold George Bennett
   Robert Elwood Bennett III

The Sisters' Tea Room, Index
   Sister's Tea Room, Page 1
   Sisters' Tea Room, Page 2

The Latest Celebration -- HOLIDAYS!!
   Happy New Year!
   Happy JANUARY, Celebrate LIFE....
   Valentine's Day - GOD's LOVE
   St. Patrick's Day - Lesson on the TRINITY
   PASSOVER - Behold the LAMB OF GOD....
   Happy SPRING
   Happy MAY *_*
   Happy JUNE--Happy Birthday, USS MARYLAND *_*
   Patriotic Celebrations!
      Memorial Day
      War Memoirs...
      WWII Blue Star Banners... *_*
      Mysterious Fathoms Below - Submarine Page
      The Statue of Liberty
      Freedom is Never Free
      Remember 911...
      A Letter to My Fellow Americans
      A Letter to the Terrorists
      Fear None But GOD
      Our POW/MIA Page
      Happy Flag Day!
      Tribute to Ronald W. Reagan
      And, just for FUN...do the DUBYA *_*
   Happy Birthday!!!
   Happy AUGUST *_*
   Happy Harvest!!!
      Back to SCHOOL!
      9-11-01 Remembrance Day
      A Chick Tract Trick-or-Treat TREAT *_*
      Veterans Day
      Giving Thanks....
   Christmas *_*
      Hanukkah - What Would JESUS Do? Christmas 2003
      The Light of the World is JESUS -- CHRISTMAS '99
      A Candy Cane Christmas -- CHRISTmas Y2K
      A Gingerbread Man Christmas -- CHRISTmas '98
      Christmas Music
      'Twas the Sub Before Christmas
      Christmas Vacation 2000

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