Caleb's Country Corner
School Set

HERE you go!!

We have No 2 Pencils in every color,
plus, they're "personalizable" with your name if you wish!!

And of course the guestbook buttons, e-mail button, and logo.
OH, and I have Lined "Paper" *_*

Pre-school Paper background!

AND I have all the pastel colored paper for colored backgrounds.

Blue - #C6CEFF,

Green - #CEFFBD,

Lavender - #F7C6F7,

Peach - #FFD6B5,

Pink - #FFDEDE,

Yellow - #FFF79C,

Plus we have
Our Gel Pen Set...on BLACK Paper *_*

And here are the pencils!!

I no longer carry the mini pencils or the full size pencils, but feel free to Contact Caleb's Mommy if you'd like me to send them to you!

our School Daze Set
Has graphics that go very well here, too!!!

School Daze!

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Pencil Guestbook graphics...(there are 3...)

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Caleb's Country Corner

School Prayer Partners '07 - '08
We're praying for our schools, students, and teachers
across the country in the school year.
(We also were praying in '02-'03, '03-'04, '04-'05, and '05-'06 *_*)

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