The Latest Photos!!!
Last Edited: 12/5/12
(not with more pics but making them show up!)

We went to Homosassa Springs with Poppa, Aunt Sissy, & Joanna
December '03

A COLD day in Jacksonville!!
Winter '04

Kiddos & the Mom
Note the FL State flag in the background!!
Winter '04

Kiddos & the Dad
It cleared up and got VERY sunny *_*
Winter '04

Daddy's Girl Lydia Pearl
February '04

And Gramma Seest headed SOUTH to visit us!
Spring '04

The cutie kids while Gramma Seest was here *_*
Spring '04

I was asked to be a bridesmatron in my sister Christy's wedding!
June 2004

Four Generations!
Gramma Sandy, Mommy Jennifer, Lydia, and Great-Gramma B *_*
Branson, MO--September 2004

The Seest Sister-in-laws!
Carol, NaTausha, Katie, Jennifer, & Julie *_*

We all had so much fun at Silver Dollar City!
Here is Caleb on Wheel of Fortune *_*
September '04

Lydia & Mommy Jennifer at the Jacksonville Zoo
October '04

Lydia keeping abreast on current events
Elections '04

Lydia's K-5 Thanksgiving Party!
Mommy Jennifer & Lydia Pearl
November '04

Caleb's 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Dinner
With his teacher, Mrs. Phillips *_*

Old Favorites:

Caleb & Lydia, 2003!

I'm going to start pilfering around and see if I can't find a good photo from each Christmas since Daniel & I were married! I only have a few so far, but keep checking back!

Caleb & Lydia 11/Y2K

Is this not ADORABLE????
This photo was taken at Wally World.
Caleb & Lydia had been SO patient,
even allowing a couple of outfit changes.
Then we were all ready for this shot,
and the photographer had to adjust the camera for a minute or so.
Lydia got sleepy and leaned on her Bubba.
The photographer said, "Okay! We're ready!", and
Lydia sat up!
I went over next to her and leaned her head
back on Bubba's shoulder, telling her,
"No, Baby, it's okay. You're fine."
Christmas Y2K

We took these cute shots to send to Dadda
in his Christmas care package!!
Click on the link to see a pic of HIM Christmas of SEA!
November 2001

We 4 Seests *_*

This was taken on our front porch!
December '03

Unrequited Love Series...

Okay...wanna see TOO cute???

Someone LOVES his sister!!


I was just ECSTATIC that I caught these photos...
they were taken within seconds of each other!!!

Stopped by BK on the way to the Airport
Headed north to see Gramma & Grampa Seest *_*
What love....

Taking it easy at Gramma & Grampa's FARM *_*

Gramma Bonkoski,
Mom & Dad Seest,
Daniel, Caleb & Lydia *_*

Now for the professional shots *_*
Mind you, the BEST one had to go back to be used for our 10x13 Canvas one...

I HOPE you enjoy seeing what adorable youngins you've been praying for *_*


Just some more cute proofs...
or proof of cuteness *_*

Our second favorite family shot *_*

OOOOOH, yes! She DOES make the cutie sailor!
But only when going to sea is a matter of climbing up on Mommy & Daddy's bed!!

Little Mr. Caleb LOVES Lowly Worm!
We found this adorable ride at a mall in Jacksonville!

One of Mommy's FAVORITE shots of her little Man *_*

I will be posting more photos as I have time to scan, edit, and upload! Come back SOON *_*

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