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For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.

Psalm 50:10

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Last Update: 9/18/13

BEWARE!! Watch your step...there are cow-pies here, as on every farm *_*

Daniel & Jennifer both grew up on farms, and, thanks to the family,
our little Caleb looks like he is, too!
We hope you enjoy this country spot....
Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

6-J Ranch is the official name of the farm Jennifer grew up on. Although it was more of a "hobby farm" than anything, when her parents purchased it in the early 70's, they decided it needed a name and "brand". The Monck family had 3 children: Johnny, Joann, & Jennifer. Our parents' names were Jack & Joan. In her kindergarten mind, Jennifer came up with the name: 6-J Ranch. You may say, as her mother did,"But, Jennifer, there are only FIVE J's in our family."; to which she replied with all of her 5 years of wisdom,"Oh, no. There are six:

Jack, Joan, Johnny, Joann, Jennifer, & JESUS!!!"


Daniel's farm had ALL the farm critters--beef cattle, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, horses, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, and 5 boys to take care of them! Mom & Dad still live on the farm, only the boys are all out and married, so there are much fewer critters!

This looks like it could have been taken in the 1800's, but that is actually Daniel and his parents and a couple of brudders in that sleigh! This is his Gramma & Grampa B's farm in about 1970.

He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Devotional by my sister in the Lord,


Psalm 50:10
For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.


Have you ever heard cattle eat? This past winter, I was called upon to feed calves in the morning.

As I put corn and then hay in the bunks for the steers, I could hear their chomp, chomping of the corn. It’s a comfortable sound – a warm, fuzzy-feeling sound. It’s like being able to snuggle down underneath the covers on a rainy day and read a good book or sit in front of a crackling fire on a cold day with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. I thought of the chorus we used to sing in Sunday school “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the wealth in every mine….” I wondered, does God get a warm, fuzzy feeling when we (His sheep) feed on His Word?

One of the days I fed these cattle was a day just before a strong windy, cold front was due to arrive. Cattle need good nourishing food when a storm comes. If the storm lasts for very long, they need extra food -- more than they would normally need -- to help them to weather the storm.

As I thought about this, I thought about how we as Christians also need to be feeding on God’s Word daily; so that when the storms come, (and they will) we will not only be in the habit of getting food for our daily needs, but we’ll know where to get extra for the energy required to face the storm. When we are faced with a trial, we need all of the strength we can get from God and His Word.

Life often gets so busy; and if we’re not careful, we can allow it to interfere with our daily need for spiritual food. We need God’s Word just for strength to walk through the day. In 1 Peter 2, Peter encouraged the Christians to whom he was writing to “desire the sincere milk of the Word”. If we don't spend time in the Word, i.e., if we don't eat from God's Hand, or we choose to eat inferior quality food, then we become weak and faint and easy prey.

Now the steers we feed are what we call young stock (they’re like having a bunch of teenagers in the house!). They’re rather humorous to watch sometimes. Some like the corn, others prefer the hay. Some of them will just refuse to come to the bunk to be fed. However, as a general rule, they don’t really care who feeds them as long as they get food. Even the standoffish ones will eventually get hungry enough to feed, but sometimes by that time the only thing that’s left are the sticks and thistles the other steers left.

As Christians, it’s very important who we let feed us from the Word. When we get food from another person, be they one in leadership and authority over our lives or “just” someone we hear on the radio, we are responsible to make sure that person is doctrinally correct. If we’ve not been feeding on the Word ourselves, we will have a very difficult time in discerning whether we’re getting “good hay and corn” or just “sticks and thistles”. Even as I write this I am aware of my responsibility before God to make sure what I write is hay and corn not sticks and thistles, but this in no way takes away your responsibility to check me out and make sure I line up with the Word of God.

In Chapter 5 of I Peter, he warns us that our enemy is “as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” The enemy strikes at those who are weak, either through illness or through their own foolishness in not eating the Word. He will also strike at those who are very young in the faith. God wants us to feed on His Word so that we are not susceptible to the ravenous lion that seeks to devour us. When we feed on God’s Word, it helps us to grow in the Lord and build strong spiritual muscles. Feeding on the Word helps us to withstand the storms of life and fend off the enemy who wishes to destroy us.

What about you? Does God hear the comfortable sound of you chomping as you feed and meditate on His Word? Or does He see you being standoffish and unwilling to come up to the feed bunker? Won’t you come and be fed from His Word today?

Love & Prayers,
Colossians 1:9-10

Some Country Love...

Cabbage always has a heart;
Green beans string along.
You're such a cute tomato,
Will you peas to me belong?

You've been the apple of my eye, You know how much I care;

So lettuce get together,
We'd make a perfect pear.

Now, something's sure to turnip
To prove we can't be beet;
So, if you carrot all for me
Let's let our tulips meet.

Don't squash my hopes and dreams now,
Do Bee my honey, dear;
Or tears'll fill potato's eyes,
While sweet corn lends an ear.

I'll cauliflower shop and say,
"Your dreams are parsley mine."
I'll work and share my celery,
So be my Valentine!

Author Unknown


They strolled down the lane together.
The sky was covered with stars.
They walked up to the garden gate.
He lifted down the bars.
She raised her great, brown eyes to him--
There was nothing between them now,
For he was just a farmer boy
And she, a Jersey Cow.

From my Momma's Autograph Book from the 1950's

Caleb & Lamby looking out on the lanai....*_* 2/98

Lamb-wrestling...an Olympic sport of the future? *_* 2/98



Do you smell something FISHY?

For those of you who have never had the...ahem..."pleasure" of seeing one of the Darwin legged-fish as the mockery of an ichthes/Christianity symbol...they're out there...and this is my opinion of them, shared with many (I don't know where this artwork originated, but ain't it GRAND?)

This is Caleb's cousin Matthew in his sheep outfit for the kindergarten Christmas program at his school YEARS ago! But isn't this TOO cute???

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We Eat at Chick-Fil-A *_*

We really do like Chick-fil-A Chicken!
They even give sandwich coupons for blood donors!!
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Country Hearts for JESUS *_*
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Promised Land Dairy
The MOST SCRUMPTIOUS milk you EVER tasted!
And they have a special fund-raiser, saving bottle caps for a school fundraiser!

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