I have been asked, and challenged, repeatedly as to why I only use the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible on my homepage and in my books. I have been questioned by pastors, evangelists, Christians of all walks of life. I am told that the King James Version and its "thees" and "thous" and "shalts" and "shalt nots" are too confusing. I am told that far more intelligent men and women than I could ever hope to be have found errors in the King James Version. I have been told that I am old fashioned for memorizing the old English verses....

When I began my site in the autumn of 1997, I included Bible verses. Because my training had been in conservative Baptist churches and schools, all the memorizing I'd done in my thirty-something years was using the King James Version. I was told that the New King James Version, credited to Thomas Nelson Publishers, took care of the ancient language problems. Ummm...I had been learning verses, whole chapters even, since grade school; yet I was told that the average 21 year old couldn't understand "Thou shalt not--" ??

I had some serious question marks in my mind at this point. It was not difficult to understand the language of Shakespeare. It was beautiful! If I had a question about meaning, I looked up the term in question in a Strong's Concordance, finding beautiful facets to the terms, learning, growing, changing....

Then came the day when someone asked me why I wasn't quoting from Mr. Nelson's version of the Bible. Well, the best reason I could give was that it was Thomas Nelson's version! I had to give credit to a man &/or his publishing company for GOD'S WORD!!!!! There is something inherently wrong with that. I hold the copyright on the books I have made up, written, and had published. If you write a book, a song, or an article, you can obtain the copyright. But God's Word--not the notes about the Bible, but the text itself--in every other version besides the KJV is copyrighted by a man.

When I had my first book, No Accident, published, I was required by law to include the version of the Bible I quoted from in my book...unless it was the Authorized KJV. Why is that? Copyright infringement!!! Mind you, I credited the KJV, saying on the copyright page:

"All Scripture is quoted from the King James Version of the Holy Bible."

No credit was given to any man...all the glory goes to God, and Him alone.

Now, I could get into the arguments of the wisdom of using the Textus Receptus to interpret God's Word into the English language. I could discuss that the meaning of Scripture is literally changed--words and phrases omitted or added--in the other versions. There are many sites available that are created by far wiser and more knowledgeable to this subject than I. But the reason I do not use any other version of the Bible is that I refuse to give credit to any man or company for the written Word of God.

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