4 Seests' in Paradise
Hawaiian Cyber Vacation

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Kaniele & Kinipela
Kalepa & Lukia
Welcome you to our Hawaiian cyber vacation! Kaniele (Daniel) was stationed at Pearl Submarine Base from '97 - '99. Here are some of the beautiful sites of the islands we saw while living there.

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The Big Island: Hawaii

This is Us 3 Seests with an old lava flow in the background.
Taken in May of '97 on the south shore of the Big Island near Volcano National Park.

There are several craters on Kilauea...this one is steaming,
but at night, you could see the glow of the lava!
Volcano Nat'l Park...May '97

This beautiful view was taken at sunset on the other "peak" on the Big Island.
This is at 10,000 ft above sea level!
May '97

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A Glimpse of Maui

This beautiful photo was taken by Poppa...this is Maui harbor.
The GREENEVILLE is out there, but just a "speck".
November '97

Thomas Kinkade, award-winning Christian artist
(and our personal favorite!),
has a gallery on Maui...actually, TWO *_*

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This is Elaine Carpenter, Mr. Kinkade's first Master Highlighter *_*
We had the privilege of having her hand-highlight our painting
"Sea of Tranquility" *_*

Sea of Tranquility -- Seaside Memories V

Here it is!!! What a beautiful print!
We have the Renaissance Edition *_* It's inspiring....
And it "came out" the month my Daniel went to sea...for 6 months...
Too perfect....

Poppa & my brother Johnny got to go to the highest point on Maui...Haleakala National Park *_* I believe it is 10,023 feet at the summit. Caleb & I couldn't go because of the low oxygen level at that height *o* But is looks BEAUTIFUL!

After a work out like THAT, we just HAD to eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Lahaina! Talk about melt in your mouth steaks.... What a treat for my 32nd b-day from my brudder!!! Thank you, Johnny!!!

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The "Gathering Place", our home island, Oahu

Let's take a trip around the island, beginning at the south end near our home....

First things first, you would receive a lei and be welcomed to our home *_*
Dadda Daniel, Caleb, & Poppa October '97

For you train buffs, this is the Oahu Railway Historic Society's train ride *_* Poppa, Caleb, & Mommy Jennifer got to enjoy this short trip around the southwest end of Oahu.
Poppa & Caleb, November '97

As you can see from the background, the "end of the line" takes you very near the ocean...a beautiful ride!
Caleb & Poppa, November '97

Momma's little Sugar Mouse Engineer!
Caleb & Mommy Jennifer, November '97

A bit further along the south shore of Oahu we come to Pearl Harbor and the Navy Base where the U.S.S. GREENEVILLE is stationed.

Click HERE for photos of the U.S.S. GREENEVILLE

Here we are at the Arizona Memorial...on Pearl Harbor Day 1997. The white wreath with the blue sash is from the Navy. The room in the background has the memorial wall with the names of all the men who went down with the ship...over 1,100 men.
Photo taken Sunday, December 7th, 1997

And now, the USS MISSOURI (aka "Mighty MO") has set up residence beside the memorial...the beginning and ending of the war with Japan...what a historical photo.
September '98

The next base eastward is Hickam AFB. This photo of my handsome brudder John was taken at their wonderful ocean front restaurant, "Sea Breeze"
September '98

Continuing along the southern coastline, we come to Honolulu & Waikiki!

Here are Dadda Daniel and Caleb at the Honolulu Zoo! The best zoo for THOUSANDS of miles...hee hee hee!!!
May '98

This lazy looking sea critter is a Hawaiian Monk seal at the Waikiki Aquarium! The aquarium takes in injured sea life and nurses them back to health to be re-released.
May '97

And this fun photo was taken at Waikiki Aquarium with our WHOLE little family stuffed in a fun photo booth!!!
April '99

This is Poppa high atop Diamond Head Crater!!! In the immediate background you can see Waikiki, then Honolulu. The mountain range in the distance "ends" on the left...in our home town!
November '97

This picturesque lighthouse is at the base of Diamond Head *_*

As we begin heading north along the windward coastline, we come to beautiful Hanauma Bay...Let's go SNORKELING!

Hanauma Bay is a crescent-shaped lagoon with HUNDREDS of tropical fish! We like to go at sunrise to avoid the crowds...isn't it BEAUTIFUL?
September '97

Got your snorkel? Got your sunscreen? Then lets HIT THE WATER!!
September '97

There are fishes everywhere...it's like swimming in an aquarium! Only the fish are MUCH bigger! These were about 6 inches mouth-to-tail!
August '97

The fish in the background are actually about 9-10 inches long!
Dadda Daniel snorkin' in Hanauma Bay, August '97

The tidal pool Daniel is seen on the edge of is called The Toilet Bowl *_* You can't tell in a photograph, but it "flushes" very quickly...the water level rising and falling in about 20 seconds *_* Too funny!
August '97

A little further north...the Blow Hole!

This is in the Blow Hole overlook...isn't it GORGEOUS? I did not re-touch the color! You may recognize this shot from episodes of "Hawaii 50" *_*
September '97

Continuing up the coastline, we come to Turtle Bay...Guess why it's called THAT???? Yup! Sea Turtles love the area.
Chuck, Carol, & Nicole September '97

Next stop...Sacred Falls State Park!

This is a bit further north.
It was a hike to get back in there...4.7 miles round trip,...

But the view was WORTH IT!
Sadly, there was a deadly rockslide in May of 1999
(right after we moved back to the mainland), and Sacred Falls State Park is no longer open to the public.

And now, a quick look at the famous North Shore!

This is the "end of the road" of the North Shore's Farrington Highway...the mountains there are impossible to drive around, so we have to cut through the center of the island and s-curve around to the Leeward coastline! But first, we would take you to Matsumoto's Grocery in Haleiwa for Shave Ice! An Island Treat!!!

This is big brother John enjoying his first shave ice!
September '98

Now we need to double back a bit and turn southward through the center of the island....

And next we come to the Dole Pineapple Plantation! Here is Farmer John--a.k.a. "Poppa" *_*--with the pineapple fields in the background.
November '97

Now we're heading over the Leeward mountain range via Kole Kole Pass!

Here are Joann & Kevin at the entrance to Kole Kole Pass...the sign is humorous if you can read it, though I don't believe it was meant to be. Something about the old woman watching people pass the stone...?
August '97

This is our brother-in-law Kevin and Daniel on their way up to Kole Kole Pass...the melaluka (sp?) trees just look so EXOTIC!

This glamour shot (*o*) is of Jennifer at the Kole Kole Pass Rock. The rock is believed to have been used for beheadings, complete with a natural trough for...!?!?!?! Yuck.

Here is a little better view...and see how much Daniel enjoys this hike? *_*
September '97

And this is the view from high atop Kole Kole Pass! One of the highest points on the island of Oahu...you can't even distinguish the highway in the background by the shoreline! The white dots on the right are large buildings!
May '97

This is the "drive to" view of Kole Kole Pass. We took our honeymooning friends Mike & Carol there *_*
May '97

On to Ko Olina!

This beautiful area is the Ko Olina Resort. About 10 minutes from our home, it has a lovely protected area to swim (several "lagoons" where the swimmers are protected from the waves).

They are NOT protected from eachother, however *_* These are the kissin' cousins Caleb & Nicole *_*
September '97

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This concludes our cyber-tour of
our Home Port from April of '97 - April of '99!
I hope you've enjoyed your visit!

Kahua Baptist Church
our home church in Hawaii *_*

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