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Our very first Christmas page on 4 Seests in Paradise (my personal homepage) had a gingerbread theme! Unfortunately, the site from which I got that set no longer exists. SO, I made my OWN gingerbread set!! ENJOY!!!!

We have e-mail & guestbook buttons at the bottom of the page, plus the bar, minis, a sign, and the 3 backgrounds used on the page *_*

Here are the newest additions:

The font is Kidprint
And the colors are:
Cranberry = #941839
Teal = #18525A
Brown = #CE9C63
& the background color is
Cream = #FFFFF7

We also have a blank calling card and banner for your to enjoy!!

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ALL of Caleb's Country Corner's
Web Graphics
by Jennifer M. Seest

Thanks, Dynamic Drive, for the java script effects!!!

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