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Gel Pen!!!

Last Update:

I just think gel pens are so fascinating...
not to mention WAY cool. So,

this is for YOU *_*

We have the rainbow bar, plus bars in every color "ink".

And here are the colors/color codes:
Yellow = #FFFF40
Green = #40FF40
Blue = #4040FF
Pink = #FF80FF
White = #FFFFFF

and the font name is Ashley...

Then there's the LOOK animated finger pointing *_*

I also thought that the webdings & wingdings look really cool on here...

Y - Webdings Y
b - Webdings b
! " ! - Webdings ! " ! (exclamation point / double-quote)
' - Wingdings ' (apostrophe)
And of course, there is the now famous Webdings NYC:


And then we have the usual buttons at the bottom! ENJOY!!!!!

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