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American Flag

YES! Another Patriotic Set!
We have 2 bars,
guestbook buttons
an e-mail button at the bottom of the page,
4 flag sizes:

Plus the signs, mini, and backgrounds
used on the page *_*

The font used in this set is Lucida Handwriting
And the blue and red used for link colors are:
#7B4242 & #393984

I pledge allegiance...

Something NEW...

a patriotic quilt rack!!

Caleb's Country CornerWe're Praying...4 Seests in ParadiseGod, Bless America
Patriotic Quilt SetPatriotic Set

The standard square size is 130 x 130, which will also align the "tabs" on the quilt rack graphic for 4 squares per row.

The bottom "row" are "blanks" for you to personalize, and "extras" for fillers when you don't have 4 in a row....

If you have a Patriotic site and a patch, please let me know so I can include it in our quilt rack on our family homepage *_*

Here is a blank calling card for you to personalize!

Send your personalization requests HERE!

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