Caleb's Country Corner


I hope you enjoy this set...

it was inspired by
my friend, sister in Christ, and Mom-in-law!
LOVE YOU, Mom!!!

We have guestbook buttons
a mailbox button at the bottom of the page,
plus the bars, minis, and backgrounds
used on the page *_*

And another option for the light background:

So whether you think generic duckies,
Ernie and his rubber ducky,
or King George and the Ducky,
I have the duckies for YOU!!!

The colors are:
Black = #000000
White = #FFFFFF
Orange = #FF8442
Yellow = #FFE742
And the font is Tempus Sans ITC

Send your personalization requests HERE!

Ducky Blank Banner *_*
Here is a blank banner for you to personalize!
Please do not cover the "credit" at the bottom so that others can see where you got it *_*

Caleb's Country Corner *_*

Here is a coloring sheet like the one I made for Mom for the grandbabies to color *_*

CLICK on it for a printable version!

Please visit Caleb's FAMILY's homepage when you're done shopping for graphics!!!

4 Seests in Paradise *_*

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Web Graphics
by Jennifer M. Seest

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