Mark 1:15 ...The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand:
repent ye, and believe the gospel.


Satan called a meeting, all his chief demons were there.
Demon Rebellion, Demon Denial, and even Demon Despair.
He said, "Gentlemen, tell me how to fill Hell to the brim
With the souls of women, precious children, and even foolish men?"

Demon Despair spoke first, "Master, their joy you must be ridding.
Take away their hope and joy, then they will do thy bidding.
With nowhere to turn, they'll look to you to find their pleasure.
But some of them may turn to God and accept His heavenly treasure."

"Despair!", huffed Rebellion, "Despair is just not enough!
To fill this place completely, Master, we must get really tough.
Fill their hearts with rebellion, and cause them all to sin!"
Satan, leaned forward asking, "When they've had their fill, what then?"

"Well, we'll give them popularity, pleasure, fun, and wealth!"
Satan spat, "But even the prodigal eventually came to himself.
Rebellion, I appreciate your input; you're a persistent spirit,
But we lose the rebellious when the gospel's giv'n and they hear it."

Next argued Denial, saying, "That's the problem! Take it away!
Say, 'the gospel doesn't exist', 'isn't true', is 'made up', and they won't stray."
With head bowed in frustration, Satan answered,"Denial, you're my oldest friend,
But through the ages your ways failed, time and time again."

Finally, from a dark corner came another demon's voice.
"To get them here, make them think they've time to make their choice.
Don't deny the Bible; tell them, "every word is true."
"What!" Cried out the others, "And just what will that do?"

"Tell them they need a savior," then his lips curled with a wicked smile.
"Tell them to get saved, but that they need to...wait awhile.
Cause them to believe they're in control...that they can wait.
You see, with each rejection, they'll be closer to their fate.

They'll go through life pleasing themselves; and oh, it will be great!
Why, we'll be wall-to-wall with souls of those who hesitate!
They'll enter our dominion, be ushered through Hell's gate;
For when they get around to seeking Christ, they'll be too late!"

The halls of Hell resounded with thunderous applause,
As the chief of demons, Satan, took up the brand new cause.
"Believe He lived and died; believe, but do it later! Wait!"
No, friend, when God the Spirit moves, please, please don't hesitate.

The time is fulfilled, Jesus said.

Repent and believe.

by Daniel R. Woodward
Childhood friend & classmate of Jennifer's *_*

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