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This page must be prefaced with an explanation of why it exists. Neither this page nor any other page at 4 Seests in Paradise is meant to be a substitute for worshipping God and hearing Bible preaching from an ordained, MALE minister of the Gospel in your local, Bible-believing church. We are not to forsake the assembly of ourselves with other believers, though I do understand that some homebound folks are especially blessed by online devotionals.

That is what the page is not. Now for what it IS *_*. This page and the devotionals to which it is linked, these pages of devotionals are just that: personal devotions...Bible studies. Unless otherwise specified, they were created by me, a woman. I do not post these to usurp authority over any male visitors. I am not preaching, but sharing my heart woman to woman, as most of our homepage visitors are ladies.

God's Word is perfect. I am not! If/WHEN you see error in spelling or grammar, please let me know! I want these pages, as well as all of our family homepage, to have a spirit of excellence and be a good testimony for my LORD.

This online translator opens in a separate window. Save the url to the page you wish to translate, and paste it in the translator. It translates from English into seven different languages!

Our Devotionals

    Attributes of a Godly Woman
    Back to SCHOOL - NEW August '07
    Be JOYFUL - My first devotional!
    A Chick Tract Trick or Treat TREAT
    Choose LIFE!
    Long Hair, My Covering for the Glory of God
    The Crayon Box Song *_*
    The Cross - page update 2/26/6
    Fear NONE but God
    Finances help available HERE *_*
    What is FREEDOM?
    God's Plan of Salvation
    He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills
    Healthy YOU! - God-honoring temple maintenance
    Fear THIS...the wrath of God...HELL - created 9/21/6
    "A Strategy Meeting in Hell" by Daniel R. Woodward
    Hymn Devotional for TODAY *_*
    The King James Version - why I use it exclusively
    My Mother's Testimony
    My Testimony
    Passover - In remembrance of Me....
    Self-Esteem by David Ameen Jr.
    God Honoring Speech
    Ten Commandments
    Think on THESE Things
    The TRINITY - a lesson in a shamrock
    Wait on the LORD
    Yield Not to Temptation - new August '07

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