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I was having a terrible time with spam in my e-mail boxes (300+ a day), and the main reason I have made myself go through the spam files is that I receive e-mail from people I do not yet know through my graphics sites and our family homepage! Sadly, I also receive viruses and worms....

SO, rather than be an unwise steward of my time, I am creating this page on this beautiful twelfth day of April, two-thousand and four. *_*

If you wish to contact one of the 4 Seests in Paradise, please click on the 4 Seests in Paradise mailbox *_* If you need to contact JMS concerning personalized graphics for JMS Designs, click on the JMS Designs mailbox *_* If you wish to e-mail Caleb's Mommy about graphics, please click the Caleb's Country Corner mailbox, and leave the subject as is. "No Subject" e-mails are no longer going to take up my time, nor are "Hello", "Hi", "I've been looking for you".... The only e-mail I will open from strangers will be those containing these subject lines.

Thank you so much for your help!

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