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Last Update: November 2nd, 2014

With all of the evil associations of October 31st,
you may be wondering why I am writing this page.
I'm SO glad you asked *_*

When I was a little girl, our family celebrated Halloween
in the ignorant/innocent way most Americans celebrate it:

Cute...Candy... Costumes...

But there is SO much more to consider.
Rather than go into all the Satanic historical significance,
I will tell you what our family began doing in autumn of 2000!

I ordered gospel tracts with a Halloween theme to hand out with the candy!
I did not dress up.
I did have lights on
letting the children know they were welcome to come
(made me think how the Light attracts people *_*).
But each little one who came to my door for candy
also received a Gospel tract!

There is a WONDERFUL online source for Gospel tracts:

Chick Publications

Several of their multitudinous tracts have a Halloween theme.
If you want to find out about the Satanic historical significance,
just visit his site and read them for yourself!

This is the one I recommend for little ones:

The Little Ghost 2001 by Jack T. Chick
This one came out in 2001, and it is geared for primaries...not TOO SCARY, but still with a Halloween theme and a clear plan of SALVATION!!!

Here are some of the others....

The Trick 1986 by Jack T. Chick
The Trick 1986 by Jack T. Chick

(Just "click" on the cover to view either tract)

Happy Halloween 1996 by Jack T. Chick
Happy Halloween 1996 by Jack T. Chick

There are also non-Halloween tracts that are very effective...
2 favorites are "Hi There!" and "Titanic"....

The tracts contain excellent stories with good illustrations,
rather in the form of a comic strip
which really captures the children's attention!
And at the end of each tract is God's Plan of Salvation!

I had thought of doing this the year before (1999)...
it just seemed to me that,
if people are going on door-to-door visitation to your neighborhood,
and some people out there are wanting to put EVIL things in their "pumpkins",
shouldn't I as a believer in Christ, knowing the Truth,
SHARE IT with as many as I can?
I found it difficult to go on door-to-door visitation myself
with 2 children under 3 in tow and a husband at sea.
This is a WONDERFUL opportunity to get the gospel
into MANY little hands and hearts!

The really amazing thing to me was,
I ordered 50 thinking I could use the extras the next year.
I ran out in less than an hour!!!!!!!
I had to "close up shop" before 7!!!
I could have ordered 3 times that many and given away every one.
And the children appreciated them!
90% or more took the tract back out of their candy bag
as they walked away from my door.
You've no idea how much that touched my heart.

Please...this seems to me to be a VERY "open door"...
QUITE literally...
to get the gospel out to those around you.
Let's put a big kink in one of Satan's favorite ways
to reach the children of our neighborhood.

days left to prepare for Halloween! *_*

But then, there is never a "wrong" time of year
to share God's Plan of Salvation!

Go browse Chick Publications Tract List
You're sure to find many good tracts to share
ANY time of year!

Caleb 11/97 *_*
Invest in the future:
Share the Gospel with a Child....
Caleb on his Rocking Lambie -- Autumn '97 *_*

Our 4 year old son Caleb
prayed and asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins
August 22nd, 2001!!!

He had been looking at the Chick tract
This Was Your Life 1972 by Jack T. Chick

He saw the graphic of the angel by the lake of fire, and asked his Daddy why a fire truck didn't come put the fire out.... Daddy explained that that fire lasted forever and ever. Well, Caleb started "explaining" this to me at bedtime. I told him that those who never asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins went there; but those who asked Jesus for forgiveness, Jesus blood covered their sins, and they went to Heaven instead! I told him that I would be in Heaven, and Daddy.... He said he wanted to go to Heaven someday, too! So I told him to pray and ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins...and he DID. He prayed, "Dear Father in Heaven, thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me for my sins so I can go to Heaven instead of the lake of fire where there are no fire trucks to put out the fire. In Jesus' name, amen."

THANK YOU, Mr. Chick and Chick.com, for creating & distributing tracts that even a non-reading 4 year old can learn from!

Spring, 2004
I was driving around looking for a parking place in the Wally World lot when my 5 year old daughter Lydia commented, "Momma, I can't wait 'til Halloween."

My heart sank...deep. With a slow intake of breath (probably loading up to gently share with her a juvenile level of "why we don't do what we don't do"), I asked her, "Why's that, Lydia?"

Her answer? "Because since, then we can give out tra'ts an' candy to the kids that come to our house."

Praise GOD....

11/1/5 - We did it again, praise the LORD! Being jobless this fall, we were unable to order any new tracts, having to use the 100 or so year-'round ones instead. They're gone. All of them! So's all the candy, which ran out at the same time! Coincidence? I don't think so *_* And--PRAISE THE LORD--one young girl even said she remembered us from last year, and that she read and re-read the tract we gave her last year many times! I know His Word will not return void, and there is a clear Gospel message in the back of every Chick tract *_*

11/1/6 - Praise the LORD, we were able to pass out another 100 or more tracts tonight! With Daniel having to get up at midnight for trucking, he couldn't pass them out. Lydia was running a fever, so I was wanting to stay close to her. At first I thought to give the tracts and candy to a couple at our church, but Caleb said he would do it *_* He sat on the front porch so that no one would disturb sleeping Daddy (Caleb was sprayed down with a coating of OFF *_*); and I sat just inside...the window open between us. I heard the comments many kids made, asking Caleb why he wasn't out trick-or-treating. He didn't preach, he just smiled and handed them a tract and candy saying, "I don't mind!" And replying very sweetly to their "thank you" with a very cheery "You're welcome!"

Thank You, Father, for the sweet Caleb You blessed us with....

This is what our family does for the 31st of October.
For a more in depth look at why we don't do what "everybody else" (the world & the worldly) does,
be it for the once a year occasion of Halloween,
or for year 'round A-muse-ment of magic based books, movies, tv series...
Click HERE *_*

September 22nd, 2006
Halloween-themed, Bible-based devotional:
So, you want to see something really scary?
Fear THIS....

I cannot recommend ALL of the tracts on the Chick site.
There are some tracts that present the truth, but not "in love" as the Bible teaches us to do.
My father taught me as a child that it was possible to chase away chickens with feed corn.
If you don't understand this metaphor, E-mail Me *_*

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