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The Latest Celebrations...
Happy JUNE!!

Last Update: 11/9/12

"When thou passest through the waters,
I will be with thee;...
for I AM the LORD thy God,
the Holy One of Israel,
thy Saviour...."
Isaiah 43:2 & 3

Celebrate JUNE!!!!
June 2014 *_*
This is the 11th year I've offered
Mini Calendars
Caleb's Country Corner Graphics!!
Note the holidays....
1st - Hurricane Season Begins
5th - National Gingerbread Day
6th - D-day
7th - National Donut Day
14th - Flag Day
15th - Father's Day
21st - 1st day of SUMMER!


Click here
for the music to "Part of Your World"

Our Words to "Part of Your World"...

Look at this sub! Isn't she neat?
Glad to be part of the submarine fleet!
Wouldn't you think we're the crew,
The crew whose got everything!
Come take a tour, blue crew or gold,
How many sailors can one subby hold??
Lookin' around here you'd think,
Sure, we've got everything!
We've got gadgets & gizmos a-plenty!
We've got nuclear wutzits galore!
You want thing-a-ma-bobs? We've got twenty!
Even so, what I miss is on shore!

I wanna be where my kiddos are!
I wanna see...wanna see 'em playin'!
Laughing around at the, what is that name, Chick-Fil-A!
Under the sea you don't see too much.
Leave is required for time with fam'ly.
Still I'm so proud to protect
The U S of A!

Land of the Free! Land of the Brave!
Yet on the MARYLAND, I still crave
Wandering free; wish I could be
Part of your world!

What would I give, if I could live
Out of these waters?
What would I pay if I could stay
Warm on the sand?
Betcha on land, things would be grand!
Still, I must help protect our waters....
For our freedom! For YOUR freedom
I'll take a stand!

Ready to stand up for what is right,
Stand up for what our forefathers valued.
Serving my country as part of the Submarine Fleet!

I can't tell when, but I will vow:
Love, if I could, I'd kiss you right now!
Bring on the Tugs! I want my hugs!
Part of your world!

June is usually thought of as "the wedding month" is even an anniversary of ours, though not wedding... this month in 1995 (on FLAG DAY *_*) is the first time I received a letter from Daniel!! If you'd like the complete "scoop", visit Our Love Story, but be sure to head back here to see what else is going on!!

Daniel's last sea duty tour was served
aboard the USS MARYLAND
in beautiful, historic St. Mary's, Georgia *_*

AND June 13th is the USS MARYLAND's birthday!!

Click for Kings Bay, Georgia Forecast


"Maryland, My Maryland"....
We were proud to be part of the MARYLAND BLUE Crew *_*
Click on the photo for the OFFICIAL USS MARYLAND homepage *_*
(Thank you, Lee Roy Runion, for the photo of her!)

"If I take the wings of the morning,
and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
even there shall Thy hand lead me,
and Thy right hand shall hold me."
Psalm 139:9&10

To my Dadda Bear Under Da Sea:
I can BEARLY wait 'til you're HOME with ME!

Yes, Dadda Daniel was at sea for yet another Fathers Day (6/17/01).... We sent him off with a special care package though...with a homemade t-shirt with the kids handprints outlined in "hug position" on his shoulders *_* He confessed that he had already opened his Fathers Day package early in a letter, so....
Happy, Fathers Day, Daniel *_*

~Daniel's Certificates~

His first...for being a member of the commissioning crew
of the USS GREENEVILLE, February 1996

Order of the Spanish Main
This one, The Order of the Spanish Main, was earned in Spring of 1996...for time in the Carribean.

Order of the Ditch
The Order of the Ditch is for passing through the Panama Canal, which he did aboard the USS GREENEVILLE March 12, 1997 en route from the Newport News Shipyards to her new homeport: Pearl Subase, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii!

Imperium Neptuni Regis
The Shellback & the next one...the Golden Dragon...were both earned during the GREENEVILLE's maiden WESTPAC in 1998! This is for crossing the equator!

Golden Dragon
The Golden Dragon was earned for crossing the International Date Line at the Equator *_*

Click HERE to visit our Patriotic Celebrations page!!!
Links to our other patriotic sites:
The Statue of Liberty
Mysterious Fathoms Below -- Submarine Page
Freedom is Never Free
Remember 911...
A Letter to My Fellow Americans
A Letter to the Terrorists
Fear NONE but God
Our POW/MIA Pages
Just for FUN...The DUBYA DANCE *_*
And of COURSE, it is also Flag Day on the 14th!!

We Remember....
We adopted a POW/MIA.
Please click on the flag to meet
Michael George Hoff and our other adopted POW/MIAs,
and REMEMBER....

Sailor Eggster *_*

Isn't he just TOO cute!?
He was supposedly adopted for Caleb & Lydia while Dadda was at sea, but you can guess who REALLY wanted to have this ADORABLE graphic!!!!!
My friend and sister Sandy's site,
Mouseworks Graphics,
is no longer in existence!
I used to adopt this and BUNCHES of other adorable adoptable Eggsters *_*
Mouseworks Graphics *_*

The silver dolphin is the insignia
of enlisted submariners *_*

The SSBN Submarine Pin above is what the men receive
for serving a sea tour
aboard a "boomer" submarine
Then they receive a gold star
for each additional tour.
Daniel's has 4 stars *_*
Dan's Ribbons *_*
These are the medals Daniel had at the end of his tour (9/05):
Navy Commendation Medal (received 9/05),
Navy Achievement Medal (received 12/03 and 12/04),
Navy Unit Commendation (from service aboard the USS GREENEVILLE, '98),
Meritorious Unit Commendation (from service aboard the USS MARYLAND '01)
Navy Battle E (two years in a row from service aboard the USS MARYLAND, '00 & '01),
Good Conduct (which he has 2 stars *_*),
Navy Expeditionary - For boldly going where no sub has gone before!!!
National Defense Service,
War on Terrorism Service,
Sea Service Deployment,
Navy Recruiter Medal (11 gold wreaths),
& Sharp-shooter in Pistols Medals

ALL our Celebrations!

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