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Happy August!

I've never really been that "into" August... after all, it means the beginning of a new school year to children. And it's the only thing between me and AUTUMN, which has LONG been my favorite season!!! But I really want to spend this August thanking the LORD... for my many friends and family who have birthdays or anniversaries in August, remembering that it was in August that I first laid eyes on my Mr. Wonderful (in 1995 *_*)

And in 2002, I did this apple-themed page and had to create a midi file to place "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree". Here are the words as I remember them...

Don't sit under the apple tree
With anyone else but me,
Anyone else but me,
Anyone else but me!

Don't sit under the apple tree
With anyone else but me
'Til I come marchin' home!

(home from the war...this is a WWII song I believe)

Happy August!
Here is the calendar for August from my graphics site, Caleb's Country Corner *_*
It's marked for Friendship Day, which is the first SonDay of August each year!

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Celebrate AUGUST!!!!!

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Midi created with NoteWorthy Composer...
"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else But Me"
I wrote it from memory....
Words & music-Lew Brown, Charles Tobias and Sam Stept, 1942
Most popular version was performed by Glenn Miller

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