Our Awards *_*


We GREATLY appreciate all those who've honored us
with awards!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Thank you SO much, my brother!
All About Baptists
This is from the composer of the precious children's favorite,
The Crayon Box Song

Thank you, Joanie!
Joanie's Homepage *_*

Thank you, Brother Larry!
And thank you for the ten commandment graphic!
The Game Puppet *_*

POW/MIA Remembrance BLACKOUT, 2/1
4 Seests in Paradise
will be observing the
Annual POW/MIA Blackout.
Click on the above graphic to learn more.

POW/MIA Remembrance BLACKOUT Awards '02 - '05

These Awards were issued to
4 Seests in Paradise
by the Advisory Board of
the POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Organization,
for our site's early and steadfast commitment
to our missing Warriors.

Please click on the awards to visit 4 Seests in Paradise - WE REMEMBER....

1/4/2002~~Our FIRST award in 2002!!!
Thank you, Donna (of HoneyBrook Graphics *_*) for these adorable awards!!

THANK YOU, Donna!! THANK YOU, Donna *_*

I used some of Donna's beautiful patriotic graphics on our page:
A Letter to Terrorists *_*

2/8/01~~What FUN! Okay, you all, this was an absolute ball *_* You know how into autumn I am if you know anything about me. Well, this dear sister in Italy has a "Falling Leaves" game where you identify leaves by clicking on falling leaf graphics which take you to 15 different pages with GOOD photos of different leaves...some with clues *_* It was entirely too much fun! Thank you SO much, Rosalba!!!!!

Leaf Expert Award *_*

(by the way, I got 12 right!!!)

12/7/Y2K~~Thank you AGAIN, Sara!!

The Rudys' Strand of the Web *_*

Sara, you are far more than a "sister military spouse"; you are a priceless treasure of a friend. Thank you for sharing your heart through your poetry and precious e-mails. Thank you for the ADORABLE sailor bear cross-stitch you made me!!! Mostly, thank you for being my friend...and my sister in the LORD *_*

11/9/Y2K~~Oh, Teresa, this is TOO adorable!! Thank you so much!

Welcome to Our World

11/5/99~~Bless you, Chris!
Mom of 9's Place!

11/23/98~~Thank you very much for this our FIRST Christmas award, Melanie!!! I just LOVE your graphics *_*

10/26/98~~Thank you, Denice!!! Her site "Living Beyond Adversity" is a special blessing...do take time to visit her!
Living Beyond Adversity

Beary Special Site Award
6/6/98~~This is our seventh award!! Thank you SO much, Gramma George *_*

A Touch of Country
5/16/98~~This was our fourth award!!
Although Touch of Country is no longer online,
they were one of my very first graphics sites!
Thank you SO much, Teresa (& Touch of Country!!) !!

Country Homepage with Heart
1/1/98~~This was our first award....
Again, Melanie's Homespun Graphics was one of my first
graphics sites, but it is no longer online.
But thank you, Melanie and the Tate Family!

Sisters at Heart Award *_*

The awards I've received have been such an encouragement that I thought I'd try giving out my OWN award! **If you think you are a Sister at Heart, please sign our guestbook & leave your Homepage address so I can Peek!

Thank you Susan, Dj, Annie, Denice, Debbie, Leah, Gina, Cat, Mary, & Pat...AND SO MANY OTHERS!!! for being YOU on the Internet!

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