This devotional series was originally made for my Teen Girls' Sunday School Class, but I thought I'd share with my online sisters as well.

The original list is based on
"Attributes of a Godly Woman" copyrighted Pam Iannello 2001,
found on Mom of 9's Place;
but each attribute in the list below is now a complete devotional!

Since I originally made this for my Sunday School class, you will see that there are "blanks" to be filled in. This is to get us to do more than READ a devotional or quotes from the Bible, but to get us to open up our Bibles and find the answers ourselves! All Scripture quotes are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.


Attributes of a Godly Woman

She is at peace with God & herself.
She is submissive.
She has a meek & quiet spirit.
She has a servant's heart.
She does not call attention to her physical beauty.
She considers homemaking a high & noble call.
She is a joyful person.
She is a woman of prayer & devotion to God.
She is a loving person.

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