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Apple Set

Apples are just WONDERFUL...
I hope you enjoy this set as much as I do!

We have guestbook buttons,
2 Apple of the Eye Signs *_*,
plus the 2 apple bars,

2 apple stacks *_*,

and backgrounds used on the page *_*

An Apple Calling Card for your to Personalize!

And we have an apple frame!
Apple Frame!
Just upload this frame (note: the center where the photo goes is transparent, so the file must be saved as it is...a "GIF" file) to your computer and use it in photo editing to "frame" your personal photos!

The 5th book in Caleb's Mom's book series
- The Bennett Vignettes -
is entitled The Apple of His Eye.
Just click on the links to learn more *_*

Send your personalization requests HERE!

E-mail Me *_*

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4 Seests in Paradise *_*

Midi created with NoteWorthy Composer...
"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else But Me"
I wrote it from memory...
Words & music-Lew Brown, Charles Tobias and Sam Stept, 1942
Most popular version was performed by Glenn Miller

ALL of Caleb's Country Corner's
Web Graphics
Copyright by Jennifer M. Seest

Thanks Dynamic Drive for the snow effect java script!!

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