911 Angel Set

The design for this set was inspired by the angel signs (example below) posted at the site in Shanksville, PA for all the Flight 93 heroes. I hope this set warms your heart as it did mine.

Shanksville, PA Site
Memorial marker for Todd Beamer,
who spoke the now famous words,
"Let's Roll!" There is one for every
innocent passenger and crew member.

I have several backgrounds from which to choose...
- White
- Blue with Stars
- Red & White Stripes
- Plaid

Plus the bars, buttons, minis, and several signs...

The font is "Kidprint"
And the colors are:
black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF)
Red (#A54231) and Blue (#737B9C)

Please join our family in PRAYING....
Pray for the loved ones
of all the innocent involved in this tragedy.
Pray to the LORD,
remembering that our help comes from Him....

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