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You DID it! You found my FAVORITE part of Caleb's Country Corner...the SETS!!!!

My last new set, "Cat's Paws", was created in September '03. Please e-mail me if you have an idea for a new set! I had stopped making new sets because HomeWithGod limited me to 3.5K individual files. But now.... *_*

Cat Paws
Cat's Paws *_*

Rubber Ducky
For Caleb's Gramma *_*
Ducky Set *_*

Pumpkin Plaid
Pumpkin Plaid Set!

Red-Ribbon POW Set

Lambs & Argyle
For my dear sister Avril *_*
Caleb's Country Corner *_*

911 Angel Set
911 Angel Set

Caleb's Berry Set *_*

Beach Bunnies & Bears *_*
Caleb's Country Corner *_*

Laundry Set
Laundry Set *_*

Patriotic Quilt Set!!
Patriotic Quilt *_*


Spring Wreaths!

USA Camouflage Set!!
Support Our Troops

Gingerbread Set!!

Crayon Set!!
Crayon Set!

Mouse Tails *_*
Mouse Tails

School Daze Set *_*

American Flag Set!!
American Flag Set!

Watermelon Set!!
Watermelon Set *_*

Gel Pen Set *_*

School Set *_*

Blue Star Banner

Spools of Thread Set *_*

9/13/01 -- 911 Sets
911 Remembrance Set
Also available with White Background

And here are the sets prior to 9-11

Let Your Light So Shine

Rainbow Set *_*

Cow Set *_*

Angel Bunny *_*


Marbles Set

Tea Time Set

Caleb's Country Corner *_*
(same logo and minis - darker background *_* )

Amish Set *_*

Roses for You...

Hydrangea Set *_*

Dried Flowers Set *_*

Bubbles Set *_*


Iris Set *_*

Honey, Bee MINE set *_*

Sisters at Heart Set *_*

Breast Cancer Awareness

Leukemia Awareness
(Orange Ribbon)
(((Hugs to you, Jaysen)))
Leukemia Awareness Ribbon

Sailor Bear Set

Baby Set *_*

Apple a Day Set

Bunny Set

Peaches Set *_*

And our seasonal sets...

Harvest Set *_*

Gingham Harvest *_*

Holly & Candy Canes Set

The Light of the World

Christmas Tea Set *_*

Winter Set *_*

Nativity Set

Snowflake Set *_*

Sweethearts Set

Kids Valentines Day Set!

Spring Set *_*

Clover Set

Patriotic Set!

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