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Caleb's Country Corner Web Graphics
Are TOTALLY Free *_*
But they are "linkware"...
if you choose to use them,
a LINK back to our site would be greatly appreciated *_*

If you are a background/graphic collector:
Please do NOT include any of my images in YOUR "collection" for PUBLIC use.
To clarify...
Don't collect graphics from all over the web,
place them on your homepage
without giving credit to the individual artists,
then offer them to your visitors as "your art".
I DO want you to use them
for your personal, non-profit homepage,
and/or for scrapbooking & personal e-stationery.

But again, don't forget a link/credit to my site
so others will know where to find the graphics *_*

My graphics are ORIGINAL ARTWORK, so
absolutely nothing is scanned.
They are not "Public Domain",
but they ARE TOTALLY FREE with a credit/link for
Personal, non-profit Home Page Use!

(Again, the courtesy of a link is all I ask of you *_*)
Favorite 3C Logo *_*
Other logos are pictured on the page of each corresponding SET,
or if you wish you may use a text link such as:
Graphics By:
Caleb's Country Corner

I will be glad to e-mail you the link html *_*
or if you know html, simply link to our url, which again is:

PLEASE do not alter these graphics without my permission!
(No resizing or recoloring to make "your own" images *o*)

If you want a "CHANGE" in a graphic, or if you'd like to use some of my graphics for a banner, calling card, or other personal "logo",
E-mail Me!!!
Contact Caleb's Mommy!!
I'll help any way I can!!

And one more IMPORTANT thing!!
I have a page FULL of wonderful graphics' LINKS whose artwork
is sprinkled throughout my personal pages at
4 Seests in Paradise.
Please do not give Caleb's Country Corner the credit
for graphics other than those from
our OFFICIAL Caleb's Country Corner Web Graphics pages!!!
Thank EWE!!

~* JMS *~

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