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Latest Update: January 2014

I'm back to posting my Calendar Quilts *_* The 2013-2014 School year is complete, and once I've done Sept - Dec I'll have 2014 complete *_*

As of October 13th, 2012 Caleb's Country Corner and 4 Seests in Paradise have a new url!
Caleb's Country Corner is now~

4 Seests in Paradise is now~

And since we're FINALLY back online, I am trying to get my calendar quilts up & running for the 2012-2013 school year and also for the full 2013 year *_* THANK YOU, dear friends, for enjoying these adorable graphics! It does take quite a bit of work, but I really think the results are worth it *_*

We have a Bravenet Guest Map, for our guests to make their mark, letting us know where in the world you are from!
Feel free to just leave your first name, favorite verse, and comments for privacy sake *_*
but we would love to know where you are from.
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And also thanks to Bravenet.Com, we have a new Guestbook!
I had one with Guestworld since 1998, but while HomewithGod was offline for the past 10 months and counting, GW shut down their services. Ow. So please help me restart my guestbook from October 18th, 2012 *_*
There should be a link on almost every page of my graphics site and family homepage

WOW...Caleb's Country Corner reached 1,000,000 total page views in September 2006!
Praise the LORD!

~* Caleb's Mommy's Latest Venture *~

In late April of 2003, I began writing an Inspirational Historic Romance. I finished the book June 2nd! SO, I'm contacting friends and family to see how many buyers I can personally round up!

June 22nd, 2003 I finished the rough draft of book 2...a sequel to book one!!
The children born in book one are the adults in book two.
The story line is highly unusual, but again this book also contains Bible-based standards.

A Summary and link for ordering is available Here *_*

Thank you for your support,
whether you can order a book for future purchase
or can pray that lost souls are won to the LORD
and saved souls are encouraged in the LORD
through reading it,
I greatly appreciate you!

Profits on the book will be tithed upon first,
then any remainder will be used to send Caleb & his little sister Lydia
to Christian school, via Homeschool again as of the 2012 school year *_*

Caleb's Mommy, Jennifer *_*

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