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Last Update: October 17th, 2012

Charm Bracelets *_*

I finally was able to add the birthstone charms *_*
Here are the main 12 in order:

January - garnet
February - amethyst
March - aquamarine
April - diamond
May - emerald
June - pearl
July - ruby
August - peridot
September - sapphire
October - opal
November - topaz
December - turquoise

I also have these three options, as I do for the Birthstone Bears adoptables:

June - alexandrite
October - pink tourmaline
December - blue topaz

These work beautifully for a "mother's ring" effect,
"grandmother's ring" effect,
"family ring" effect,
or just be creative and use them for favorite colors!!

There are several charms, plus 3 spacers (one on the left, one on the right, and one if you don't want a charm every other link *_*)
Here are the charms:

And you can line them up any way you wish as long as you have the bracelet first, then a break, next the spacers for either end of the charms:
(to save the spacers, right click where there is a "space" on either end and on the bracelet with spaces! They are necessary for proper alignment *_*)

Single initials are still available if you E-mail Caleb's Mommy *_*, for those of you who would like your name *_*

AND if you are just having trials with alignment, let me know the charms you want and what order. I can make a single graphic just for you *_*

And here is the logo I'd like you to have to let people know where your bracelet came from!!
Caleb's Country Corner *_*

My friend Annie had a great idea...a calendar charm bracelet! Each charm can be linked to a page about the month!!

JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberCaleb's Country Corner *_*

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This is meant to be on a black background...
click on it to see the set...
POW/MIA Remembrance Set

I have 2 "sparkles"...
a single and a double.
View them here as they are best viewed
on a black background *_*

A little rainbow heart for you *_*

11/10/Y2K -- Individual twinkle bulb minis!!! ENJOY!

11/29/Y2K -- 3 Marbles for you to enjoy!! Please go to the Marble Set page to see them in use with the wood background they were made to look "transparent" with *_*

And, for you web-heads out there...*_*

Cross & Jellybean "minis" for you to enjoy!!!

Plus, there are MANY more minis that are displayed on each of my "sets" for your enjoyment *_*

Hey, Y'all! BAA! MOO! OINK!
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