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Personalizable Graphics *_*

You may use the e-mail boxes "as is", which is adorable!
You may request one to be personalized by me *_*

This is what we have to choose from *_*

Roses in Pink, Yellow, or Red (with a traditional grey or a white mailbox *_*)

Pink RosesYellow RosesRed Roses

Our "Bulbs" *_* Irises, Tulips, & Daffodils
Purple Irises for Momma *_*Red Tulips for Tawnja *_*Daffodils for Pede *_*

Morning Glories *_*

Cow-spots *_*

Autumn *_*

And for Winter, Holly

And Poinsettias!!

There are also some e-mail buttons mixed in with our Sets for your enjoyment *_*

Birthstone Bears!

We have the bears & the logos HERE *_*
the bars & individual gems HERE *_*

They are personalizable!

September Girl *_* January Boy *_*

For some interesting information about birthstones,
Click HERE, and ENJOY *_*

Critters *_*

These personalizable heifers & hogs are up for "auction"!

And one more thing that I KNOW you will love...

Personalizable Homepage signs!
I saw these in Minnesota at a craft store...for gramma's front yard?
And it just seemed so fitting to make it over into a homepage welcome!
Just save it and personalize the top line to your homepage or name *_*
These also are personalizable!!

Hey, Y'all! BAA! MOO! OINK!
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