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Last Update: 10/16/2012

Our story begins October of 2001....

We woke up Thursday morning the 18th of October ready to go to Okeefenokee Swamp Park and see the alligators. Caleb lay in bed crying...NOT like him. Daniel went in there while I finished putting breakfast together, and he came out saying "I'm calling the clinic. Caleb can't walk." I thought, "Oh, he's always complaining about his leg hurting, but it's just growing pains, right?" So I walk in his room and tell him, "Baby, if you don't walk, you can't go see the alligators and ride the train!" His eyes lit up on "the train", but when he tried to walk, he fell as soon as he put weight on his right leg. It was so scary. We went to the local ER, then were ambulanced to a children's hospital in Jacksonville and were kept 24 hours for observation after they discovered fluid on his hip joint.

He's doing GREAT now. We should...hopefully...find out the "cause" during the follow-up appointments over the next MANY weeks. They've said everything from a previous injury to a virus that settled there to Perthes Disease.... All are treatable. But the doctor did nothing to "stop" the problem...just treated the pain with Motrin and "observed". So, PRAISE GOD, all the healing was by HIM *_* Hee hee!!!!!

Please keep Caleb in your prayers!!


Caleb's Mommy, Jennifer *_*

Well, we went to the follow-up appointment, but that was virtually pointless as the physician was not the one we had in the hospital. He hadn't looked at Caleb's charts...didn't even know Caleb had been in the ER and kept overnight!!!!! SO...we go back in 4 weeks for a "real" follow up.

BUT, last night and the night before, Caleb has had the tummy-flu. Poor little critter. SO, please keep praying for him. He has not had any more leg pain that he's mentioned, but he did walk with a limp some at the Okefenokee Swamp Park yesterday *o*

HUGS to you for praying for our precious little boy~

Caleb's Mommy, Jennifer

We had an appointment here locally the 6th of December...praise the LORD! I'll let you know if they find anything (fluid still on the joint, etc.). The fluid levels on his hip joint are back to normal!!! PRAISE THE LORD! Especially since the doctors never did a thing to "treat" the pain...they only have observed! So You know Who gets and DESERVES all the praise for Caleb's clean bill of health! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

July '02...Caleb is swimming like a fish in our pool...LOVES to swim! He's healthy as a turtle as my hubby would say *_* He even tried Momma's Barley Green...said, "Momma, that tastes like grass!" I'm not even going to ask him how he knows what grass tastes like!! LOL! BUT, praise the LORD, we have a happy, healthy Caleb who will be starting K-5 in less than a month!

I started Caleb's Country Corner when he was less than a year old. If you'd care to see photos of a cutie inspiration baby, visit Caleb & Lydia's page at Welcoming Wee Ones to Our World *_*

And AGAIN, thank you so much for praying for our Caleb!!

January '05...Caleb is a big second grader now! On the way home from school yesterday, he announced, "I'm faster than the fastest kid in our class! Katie is the fastest girl...and the fastest in the class. But I caught her in freeze tag today!"

God healed my boy, and I am so thankful!

I'm posting this because someone just recently signed our guestbook saying they would pray for Caleb. His hip problem is a thing of the past. If you would, pray for his speech. He drops his R's. Cute, but wong. *_* And pray that he continues growing spiritually, to be "in favor with God". Thank you!

Summer 2005 - Caleb & his sister Lydia will be home-schooled this year, as our future with the Navy is rather unstable right now. Stay here? Move? Daniel's enlistment is up in September '05, so we're homeschooling them in preparation for what could be a moving year...pun intended *_*

October 2006 - Well, we thought his leg problem was a thing of the past...until he woke up Saturday the 28th of October unable to walk without being in excrutiating pain again. The pain lasted all day, and he was still walking with a limp Sunday morning. So, please continue to pray for Caleb...and Lydia was running a fever yesterday *o* And I am still having health issues, too....

February 11th, 2008 - We just had that one day in October '06 with the terrible pain. And it was terrible for him. But by that evening it was just achiness. He's done fine since, PRAISE THE LORD!!!

We've all had minor colds, but nothing major since then. I'm even healed of my "issue of blood", for which I want to again say, "PRAISE THE LORD!!!" And THANK YOU for those who've prayed for me and my family. Thank you SO much.

I'm finally able to update our homepages again, and I wanted to add this: Caleb competed in Field Day several years at his Christian School and won not just any ribbon but BLUE ribbons in several races!!! And again I say, PRAISE THE LORD *_*

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