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Seasonal ~ AUTUMN *_*

Our Fall Line HAS to be my favorite since Autumn is my favorite season *_*

A happy harvest BLINKIE!!!
Find other set-coordinated blinkies on our Animated page *_*

Autumn Sets - Harvest & Back-to-School Themes:
Dried Flower Set
Gel Pen Set
Gingham Harvest Set
Harvest Set
Pumpkin Plaid
School Daze Set
School Set

Our BERRRRR month Calendars are located HERE *_*

More "pretties" for our autumn line!
Here is the background, which I use for the fall index page:

Plus a sign, tree, and leaf trio *_*

Harvest Greetings!

AND I still work on them...keep checking back!

pumpkin line

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For a sampling of how I've used the candy corn,
Click HERE *_*

Hey, Y'all! BAA! MOO! OINK!
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Thank you, Dynamic Drive for the falling leaves!!!

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