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The Bennett Vignettes is a historical series of nine fictional, Christian romance books. The series was introduced with the characters of my first book
No Accident.
Bennett is the name of one of the main families in the storyline, and it is also a family name in my own family tree!

A vignette--pronounced vin-YET--is defined as "a delicate drawing or story" or "a vine". I couldn't help but think that they are stories that I hope will bring forth much fruit, glorifying the Vine of John Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

The Bennett Vignettes begin in the 1880's and end nine books and eighty years later!

The Bennett Vignettes Collection

Author biography from No Accident:
I am so pleased to have authored and now published my very first book. My love for the LORD and for people was the driving force in writing The Bennett Vignettes, as it is my heart's desire to share with as many people as I can that GOD'S WORD has the answers to life's trials. A Christian wife and mother of two, I graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1988, worked at The Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center on full-time staff for five years, and currently our family lives and serves "wherever the LORD and the U.S. Navy sends us."

Jennifer M. Seest *_*

The LORD has blessed again and again in this endeavor. My two main goals in writing are to reach the lost who would never darken the door of a church but would read a book for enjoyment; and also to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ to be strong in the LORD, turning to God's Word for answers to their trials.

When I began writing The Bennett Vignettes in April of 2003, my husband was active duty Navy on shore duty. I chose Baltimore, Maryland as a "backdrop" because the last submarine on which he was stationed was the USS MARYLAND (SSBN 738). We've hoped from the first that my writing would be successful enough to supplement our income, financially easing the burden for our children to continue in Christian education. My husband Daniel separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge in September of 2005 and has been working very hard supporting our family while still serving the LORD in our local church. Where the LORD leads is in His all-wise, all-loving, all-powerful hands.

Although I've only had the first four books in the series published in book format and the first five in Kindle format, there are a total of nine completed and ready for publishing books in The Bennett Vignettes series:
No Accident
Our Refuge,
A Time of War,
Never Forsaken,
The Apple of His Eye,
Through the Fire,
Sweet Fragrance,
Pure in Heart,
Run the Race.

Children born in No Accident are young adults and main characters in Our Refuge. In A Time of War, which takes place on the heels of book two, the characters enter the dark days of "the war to end all wars" - World War I. Never Forsaken takes the main characters of No Accident into their senior years, with new and exciting events happening to several members of the Bennett family.

As of 2008, that is where the published books in The Bennett Vignettes ceased. I had actually planned at one point to end the series there, but then I realized how close I had brought the characters (and my readers!) to World War II. The Apple of His Eye covers several of the No Accident descendants in World War II, the European theatre (Nazis). Book VI, Through the Fire, picks up six months after the close of Book V, only on the other side of the world...the Pacific.

The next three books--Sweet Fragrance, Pure in Heart, and Run the Race-- take the characters into the 1950's. The title Sweet Fragrance was chosen to remind the reader of the sweet savour of our sacrifice to God, and of His for us. The characters in this book offer themselves to the LORD as missionaries to the newly re-formed nation of Israel. In Pure in Heart, descendants from two of the characters in No Accident meet in Charleston, South Carolina, forming a business alliance...and much, much more. And Run the Race is so entitled for the Scriptural challenge to the Christian in Hebrews chapter 12:"let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus...."

NOTE: My goal was to write a story, then a series, with as much or more emphasis on the spiritual condition of the characters as on the romantic involvement.

"But, Jennifer, they're romantic fiction!"

Yes, I do have romance--not explicit, but God-honoring love and romance--in each vignette. The readers will hopefully be more inclined to be loving to their spouse, to their siblings, to their children, to their parents, to their friends for reading these stories. Not married yet? The stories also encourage you to wait for Mr. (or for my male readers, 'Mrs.') Right, not settling for less than God's very best...or doing without that romantic element of love in life for His glory. And the filial, parental, Christian, and romantic love shown is not just "warm fuzzies", but true it says in the series title, enduring.

Click on the book for more information, e-mail me to order a signed copy, or click on the Book title - KINDLE to order!

Available on KINDLE as of June of 2013!
No Accident - KINDLE

No Accident,
book I of The Bennett Vignettes,
was originally released in book format in April of 2004
If you would be interested in purchasing a signed copy of
No Accident for $18 (including $3 postage)
would you please E-mail me?

Available on KINDLE as of July of 2013!
Our Refuge - KINDLE

Our Refuge,
book II of The Bennett Vignettes,
was originally released in book format in August of 2005
If you would be interested in ordering a signed copy of Our Refuge for $18 (including $3 postage),
would you please E-mail me?

Available on KINDLE as of July of 2013!
A Time of War - KINDLE

A Time of War,
book III of The Bennett Vignettes,
was originally released March of 2006
If you would be interested in ordering a signed copy of A Time of War for $18 (including $3 postage),
would you please E-mail me?

Available on KINDLE as of July of 2013!
Never Forsaken - KINDLE

Never Forsaken,
book IV of The Bennett Vignettes,
was originally released May of 2008
If you would be interested in purchasing a signed copy of
Never Forsaken for $18 (including $3 postage)
would you please E-mail me?
you can order an unsigned copy directly from

Available on KINDLE as of August of 2013!
The Apple of His Eye!
If you would be interested in a manuscript of The Apple of His Eye, they are available in pre-published, copyrighted, 3-ring-notebook format for $18 + $3 shipping. Please E-mail me!

For signed copies, I must require payment
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Another note *_*
The cover color represents a theme-color throughout the book.
No Accident - Ruby/Red
Our Refuge - Sapphire/Blue
A Time of War - Emerald/Green
Never Forsaken - Amethyst/Purple
The Apple of His Eye - Gold/Yellow
Through the Fire - Coral
Sweet Fragrance - Lavender
Pure in Heart - Turquoise
Run the Race - Diamond/White/Clear

No Accident
ISBN Paperback 1-5946-7225-3
Hardcover 1-5946-7226-1
Kindle - ASIN: B00DP9MDF8
Copyright 2003 Jennifer M. Seest

Our Refuge
Paperback - ISBN 1-4137-7811-9
Kindle - ASIN: B00DSUR1DI
Copyright 2004 Jennifer M. Seest

A Time of War
Paperback - ISBN 1-4241-1744-5
Kindle - ASIN: B00DX0LF6C
Copyright 2005 Jennifer M. Seest

Never Forsaken
Paperback - ISBN 978-1-60477-532-7
Kindle - ASIN: B00E6G8ADS
Copyright 2005 Jennifer M. Seest

The Apple of His Eye
Copyright 2006 Jennifer M. Seest

Jennifer M. Seest's Author Photo from Suzannah Hand
Used with Permission

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