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Christian, Historical, Romantic Fiction
Written by Jennifer of 4 Seests in Paradise!
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We truly hope you enjoy our homepage!
We began it in December of 1997 as a "photo album" for family to watch our then 11 month old Caleb "grow up". We were living in Hawaii at the time (Thus the original name--3 Seests in Paradise), and all of our family was on the mainland!!

Since then, our homepage has taken on
a MUCH more eternal purpose,
though you will still see cute photos of our babies!!
We hope that you will also read my testimony,
God's plan of salvation,
our daily hymn devotionals,
Bible verses,
and that you will generally be able to see
Christ's LOVE through
4 Seests in Paradise *_*

All About Us!
A little bit about each of us 4 Seests

Sew, What's NEW?
The latest happenings, with a sewing-theme flair

The Latest Celebration
Seasonal Holiday Celebrations for you to share *_*

My Devotions...
Devotionals from my heart & Bible....

In Honor of My Mother
Momma's testimony through her battle with cancer

Sisters' Tea Room
My sisters & our favorite beverage!

Our Farm
For all you Farm Critter fans out there!

My Garden
A peaceful page of poetry & purple pansies!

Mysterious Fathoms Below
1 Seest was a US NAVY Submariner!

God's Plan of Salvation
Do you know my Jesus?

Our Love Story!
A truly beautiful, TRUE Christian Romance *_*

C & L Homeschool
Train up a child in the way they should go...

Hawaiian Cyber-Vacation
Tour our home port ('97-'99): Hawaii!

Caleb's Country Corner Graphics!
My original graphics for you to enjoy!

My Mouse House
A bit of cheesy fun for you rodent lovers

Rings & Links
Webrings, favorite links, & credits *_*

Our Homepage's Awards
Awards and gifts from our internet family!

Our homepage's music & links to great midi sites!

For an EXHAUSTIVE list of ALL the pages in 4 Seests in Paradise, click HERE *_*

Bible Verses
New Bible Verses


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