The Hiding Place

Words & Music by Bryan Jeffery Leech

Anyone who has ever heard the story of Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place, will never be the same. Rereading it in 2004 inspired me to continue The Bennett Vignettes beyond 1930. Instead of ending after four books, the vignettes are currently up to TEN! Praise the LORD and keep on reading....

In a time of trouble, in a time forlorn,
There is a hiding place where hope is born.
In a time of danger, when our faith is proved
There is a hiding place where we are loved.

There is a hiding place, a strong protective space,
Where God provides the grace to persevere;
For nothing can remove us from the Father's love,
Tho' all may change, yet nothing changes here.

In a time of sorrow, in a time of grief,
There is a hiding place to give relief.
In a time of weakness, in a time of fear,
There is a hiding place where God is near.

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