Anne's Theme
by Haygood Hardy
Anne of Green Gables

"Anne's Theme"

Although this song had no words, anyone who has read the Anne of Avolea books by Lucy M. Montgomery has beautiful pictures of kindred spirit friends frollicking by the seashore or going for a ramble in the woods...

I chose this song to be in our wedding dedicated to my kindred spirit turned sister-in-law
Kathryn Anne Seest....
HUGS to you, dearest of Katies!!

Kindred Spirits *_*

Here are the words I wrote...dedicated to all my precious kindred spirit friends....

Kindred souls,
Kindred friends,
Kindred spirits,
This song comes from my own heart.

Good days or Jonah days beside my friend
Bring a joy that never ends!
Walking beside you, talking or silent,
'Cross the miles...near at heart.

Through laughter or sadness tears, still you seem near;
And our God-given friendship grows on.

Just remember that
Good days or Jonah days the Lord is near
Bringing joy that never ends!
Walking beside you, talking or silent;
Still His love sees us through.

Joy days or Jonah days, whatever comes
This I know, kindred spirit and friend,
I will think of you!

Words written by Jennifer Seest -- August 2002
Music written by Haygood Hardy *_*
I created the midi file using the sheet music I had purchased years ago and NoteWorthy Composer.

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