Wedding Vows *_*

"Excuse me, ma'am, can I help you with your luggage?"

Daniel and I arrived at the airport to pick up Mom & Dad Seest a little late, so we knew to look for them at the luggage pick up. Daniel stopped the car just outside, and I said,"I'll go get them!"

"You're sure you'll recognize them?"

"No problem!!" and off I went! I spotted them immediately...Dad in his suspenders, Mom scurrying about the luggage, and Daniel's youngest brother Donnie's girlfriend NaTausha spotting me immediately *_*

She mouthed "You're Jennifer!" And I smiled and did the universal "shhhh!" symbol *_* She giggled quietly as I snuck up behind Mom Seest.

"Pardon? Can you help me with...can you help me with my luggage!!!" and with that, I was officially welcomed into the Seest clan...with open arms!

The whole family arrived the next day...all the brudders and sis-in-laws and aunts.... We busied ourselves with the last minute the "official" marriage counselling from Preacher, the marriage license, the rings, the cake, the tuxes,.... Then came the fun...the rehearsal and the Groom's Dinner!! The Seest family had a tradition, and that was to "roast" the brudder getting married at the rehearsal dinner! It was such fun, Mom had fun "sailor decor" for all...whale name card holders and sailor caps for each of us; all the brudders "telling on" Daniel's antics *_* Then Dad Seest gave a challenge/devotional that was very special. Afterward, several of the church family came up teary-eyed and said, "Now we see why you fell in love with Daniel and his family...why you 'knew' so quickly.... Okay, you can marry him!!" It was a wonderful evening!

After that special occasion, Daniel's brudders did the "groom decorating" ...another, ahem, "tradition".*o* But we won't show photos of that mess

"Jennifer! Are you awake?"

Dear Poppa *_* He called upstairs to wake me...OH! It's my wedding day!!! Everything was just dreamy that day for me. I know, it wasn't "perfect", but it really was dreamy for me!! I got ready in a kindergarten classroom with giant, hand-painted apples dangling from the ceiling *_*

Poor Joanna Lee, my niece and flower girl, had to be escourted down the aisle by her Poppa *_* She looked terrified, and didn't drop a single petal of the beautiful roses & honeysuckle petals I had hand-picked that morning! When asked why she didn't drop the petals, she sadly answered, "I didn't want all those people 'tepping on them!" It was precious! Then after he had dropped Joanna off, Poppa came back and got ME *_*

The ceremony was beautiful, the music, the candlelight, the wonderful promises made to be kept.... The Autumn afternoon sun filtering through the windows.... The beautiful music, especially "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us", being played and sung.... It was dreamy indeed! Until Preacher said, "You may kiss the bride!" and all the Seest boys pulled their sailor hats out of their tuxedo pockets and saluted!!!! TOO much fun!!! They made a rather motley crew though!

"I drink a toast from me to thee...may we never disagree; but if we do, pooey on you! Here's to me!"

Well, that wasn't exactly what we said!!!! Actually, his brother Tim wished us "a very full quiver"--"full" of children...from the verse in Proverbs *_* Then we "toasted" with our white sparkling Welches grape juice with ice cream *_* And Daniel, that king of the understatement, said, "MMMM.... Not bad!" *_*

Our cake was lovely, and the Lenox Bride & Groom topper set it off to a tee! Oh, and it tasted scrumptious!!! We also had a groom's cake...chocolate "ball and chain" cake that said "All My Love" on it *_*

We took a lot of photos...especially outside under the oaks. We were thankful it was November! Florida any other time of year in a tux or a long gown would have been very uncomfortable!!! Then it was time for our goodbyes! I didn't do the typical "throw the bouquet to all the single girls" thing...I called out my dear friend Donna's name (she who had been waiting 10 years longer than I for "Mr. Right") and tossed it directly to her *_* Then we were pelted with bird seed...Daniel thought they hit me a little too hard and was giving me boo-boo make better kisses in the photo below!

Next, we headed for...the nursing home where my Grandmother was a resident *_* They just LOVED seeing us there, and Mimi and her fancily-dressed family were the talk of the dining room for days *_* Then off on our honeymoon! Daniel chose a hotel on the Walt Disney Resort we literally saw fireworks on our honeymoon!!!!

All of that to say this: anyone out there who doesn't believe the Lord God can bless you with the desires of your heart, take note! He can! But whatever your life story is right now, give Him the glory for it. Praise Him. He loves us so, enough to have given His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sin. If you are a Christian, then you will one day be His bride, the Church!!!

Thank you for sharing in this, the story of the beginning of our joyful lives together *_*

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