~Sisters Tea Room~

"At my table, sit with me
I'll pour coffee or some tea;
Perhaps we'll share our tears and laughter,
And be friends forever after."

Author Unknown

October 22, 2007
I was introduced to a new favorite today!
For a LONG time, I've enjoyed the taste of Orange Spice tea, usually from Celestial Seasonings. But as a prize for winning September Word Bingo at a Christian ladies site *_*, my dear sister Laurie send a care package with hand-knit pretties and also a box of Meijer Gold Orange Spice black tea and a bottle of honey! OH, lemme tell you what a blessing! And I had a touch of a sore throat when I woke up this morning, so it doesn't "just" TASTE good, it even FEELS good!

THANK YOU, Laurie!!
(Click on her name to visit Laurie's 360 Blog *_*)

Katie & Me *_*
This is me with my sister Katie on the deck of my A-frame at THE WILDS...
before we met our handsome twin husbands!!!
Do you think they really knew what they were in for??? *_*

My K.C. & K.S. (kindred spirit *_*
This is my dear sister, bridesmaid, & kindred spirit KC!
I miss her so much! We grew up in the same county, but never met until July of '94!!!
HUGS to you!
(To find out a little more about her sweet spirit, read Our Story, and ENJOY *_*
She is a DEAR!)

Christy & Jan *_*
Here are two more sisters I love dearly!
The lovely Janet (Pronounced with a French accent *_*),
Caleb's Auntie Christy, and me 2 babies ago *_*.
I'm so thankful for all of my dear kindred-spirit sisters!

I was asked to be a bridesmatron in my sister Christy's wedding!
June 2004

Betsy's Family
John *_* & Betsy *_*
Nathanael *_* Phillip *_* Andrew *_*
This sister and I go WAY back, though we started out as Cousin/Friends *_*
Our MOMS were best friends *_*
I'm not-so-patiently waiting for an updated photo!!!!

Tawnja *_*
This is Auntie Tawnja & Caleb...a LONG while ago in Caleb years *_*
February '97 She was able to come visit us in our Georgia home already!

AND...she is married with children now!!!!
Tawnja & Dan and the little ones!!
Tawnja & Dan, Micah & Maraiah *_*

Christine *_*
This is my dear sister, Christine *_*
My first "kindred spirit" in Hawaii!!!
February '98

Denise *_*
This is my sister/friend/kindred spirit Denise!
We met at P.C.C., then really became close friends when we lived in Virginia.
She was even Caleb's very first baby sitter!
Love you, Nise!!
Denise kept us stocked up on Bencheley's French Vanilla Tea--
something wonderful we couldn't get on the island!!!
Thank you, 'Nise!!!

Maria in Massachusetts!
This is a photo of the most giving person
I've ever known.
Maria, though we've never met in person,
I truly love you like a sister.
You have shown yourself friendly
like Proverbs says we must do to have friends!
Thank you for all your words of encouragement...
Thank you for saving our homepage
in November of '99!
Thank you for being my friend.
I hope you find what you're searching for,
dearest of Marias.
I'll never forget you.

This is my Cyber-Sister, Sara *_*
Sara & her DH *_*

Please pray for her DH, pictured here.
He is currently deployed to Iraq.

Sara presented us with our first "official" Patriotic Site Award!!
12/7/Y2K~~Thank you AGAIN, Sara!!

Sara, you are far more than a "sister military-spouse";
you are a priceless treasure of a friend.
Thank you for sharing your heart
through your poetry and precious e-mails.
Thank you for the ADORABLE
sailor bear cross-stitch you made me!!!
Mostly, thank you for being my friend...
and my sister in the LORD *_*

Mia's Family *_*
This is my newest sister! Both a cyber-sister and a sister by faith in Christ, Mia has been SUCH a blessing to me and my family.
Click on the photo of her and her family to view their homepage:
Immanuel Baptist of Pawtucket, RI

Tricia *_*
Another sister is the sister of my sister Katie *_*
This is Tricia, Katie, & me at Bob Jones University, Spring '93
Caleb & Lydia's Auntie Tricia is now MARRIED with CHILDREN!
Welcome to the family, Uncle Mike and wee ones!

BIG hugs to my many, many other "sisters" I've met!!! Thank you for sharing your heart with me *_*

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