Our Refuge
A Historical Novel of Enduring Romance
Book II in The Bennett Vignettes

Our Refuge Cover

The Bennett Vignettes continue. The year is 1912, and the term "progress" is insufficient to describe what is happening in the world. The realms of technology and finance are ever advancing with man's knowledge and ingenuity. Progress is not appropriate terminology, however, for what is happening to the world's moral and spiritual condition.

A.J. Bennett is a young entrepreneur. The financial industrialists of Baltimore have begun to see A.J. as being synonymous with leadership, industrialism, and capitalism. But A.J. has troubles of her own. As a young woman in a man's world, she is fast becoming callous to the things that truly matter in life--to love, friendship, and God.

Follow the story of Abigail Jayne Bennett and the rest of the Bennetts' friends and family as they learn the vital importance of Biblical priorities:
faith, family, and forgiveness.

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

As with No Accident, Book I of The Bennett Vignettes, it is my heart's desire to share with as many people as I can that GOD's WORD has the answers to life's trials. I honestly cannot tell where the inspiration for Our Refuge came from. In fact, the main subject dealt with is offensive, as all sin is to God. But the manner in which the subject is dealt with and the mercy and forgiveness--both human and divine--with which the sin is ultimately responded to make Our Refuge an unparalleled blessing in the literary genre.

Jennifer M. Seest *_*

The hymn of the faith,
His Eye is on the Sparrow
is sung at a very critical point in the story.
Click HERE for the music,
or click on the title for the hymn devotional.

Our Refuge is an Inspirational, Historical Romance set primarily in Baltimore, Maryland (also some of the storyline takes place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and some in Monck's Corner, South Carolina) in the early 1900's. My goal was to write such a book with as much or more emphasis on the spiritual condition of the characters as on their personal lives and romantic involvement.

When I began writing The Bennett Vignettes, my husband was active duty Navy on shore duty. I chose Baltimore, Maryland as a "backdrop" because the last submarine he was on was the USS MARYLAND (SSBN 738). But we really hope that my writing can be successful enough to supplement our income, allowing our children to continue in Christian education.

Our Refuge
Copyright August 2004 Jennifer M. Seest

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