Never Forsaken
A Historical Novel of Enduring Romance
Book IV in The Bennett Vignettes

Never Forsaken Cover *_*
Authoring books and having them published has literally been a highlight in my life. Each book in the series I’ve written called the Bennett Vignettes is a literary sharing of my heart. But the fourth book of the series has very special meaning to me on many different levels.

While writing Never Forsaken, for the first time I had difficulty coming up with a title! It was another historical fiction, this time set in the late Twenties — the Great Depression, the stock market crash, financial straights for so many. But was there a title I could give this vignette that would help people remember God’s promises? In time, I recalled a favorite song of my Momma’s based on the verse in Psalms “I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

At this point in our then eight years of marriage, my husband and I had begun having financial difficulties. Our budget was whittled down to the absolute necessities, with no padding for “treats” or “extras”. But when your sweet four-year-old is asking for something to eat out after spending hours running errands in town, you tend to try really hard to find a way!

I had $2 to my change, no less. I also had some expired Chik-Fil-A coupons for a free chicken biscuit and free hash rounds with purchase of a beverage. So I went to the drive-thru and asked, “Can I use an expired coupon?” Not a problem. I was nearly in tears, remembering what I had just that week named the book on which I was working.

I shared the condensed version of our situation with the lady who took our order. She immediately came back with, “Reminds me of that verse in the Bible that says somethin’ like, ‘I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed beggin' bread’!”

Amen and Amen!

If you read "page 2" -- the saga of trying to get Never Forsaken PUBLISHED, you might see how I could have indeed felt forsaken. I was indeed forsaken of Publish America, with 2 rejections in 2 years! But NEVER have I been forsaken of God, praise His holy name.

At the time of year when so many celebrate God's miraculous provision of Light into the world, my life was blessed with a miraculous provision from God through a precious sister in Christ, one of my "readers" who I have never even met face to face, nor talked to on the telephone until today (12/3/7)! But praise God, she was a willing vessel and allowed the LORD to work through her and touch my life ... and the lives of any and all who read the vignette Never Forsaken.

Thank You, LORD. Thank You.

Never Forsaken
Copyright 2005 Jennifer M. Seest

Whether or not you can afford to purchase any of my books, I ask that you would PRAY that the LORD would be honored through this book-writing ministry. One soul has already come to know the Lord Jesus as his Saviour through one of the sermons included in the books! PRAISE THE LORD! And I've heard from so many, many readers who have been encouraged in their Christian walk through these vignettes. Again, PRAISE THE LORD! And please, pray that God would be honored and glorified.

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