The Engagement *_*

"WELL? We really need to know your feelings, Jennifer."

The entire Seest clan was in an uproar. How could poor Daniel find someone and be so totally head-over-heels that he couldn't find his way around the town he'd lived in for 6 years? Katie was the one to finally call me to make sure that it wasn't just a one-way thing on Dan's part...that he wasn't going to get hurt. The only problem was, Daniel asked me not to tell his family yet of our proclamation of love, because they would think he was NUTS!

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"Julie said he couldn't find his way back to the house driving around Lynchburg, and that he was smiling all the time. They're really worried because they don't know you! So...?"

What could I say without betraying my confidence to Daniel? "Katie...I feel the same towards him as he feels towards me. That's really all I can say, except...there's NO need to worry!"

That seemed to do the trick; and since Daniel was floating about, he gave away our "secret" soon enough *_* The following weeks were FILLED with phone calls, and he sent me two BEAUTIFUL bouquets of flowers there at the hospital, which thoroughly DELIGHTED my "workie" friends *_* The LORD also had them timed well...when I'd had an especially rough day, and when I began thinking that I HAD TO BE more serious than he could possibly be *_* And of course, LETTERS *_*

The phone calls became more direct, more serious in nature after a couple of weeks. "Hypothetically speaking, if we were to...say...get married at some point in the future, I would need to know your standards on...." He was 'hypothesizing' rather frequently! He also asked what kind of engagement ring I would like!!! Subtle!

I was honest with him. "Well, I know this is a little 'different', but I like solitaires, and I like different shapes than round. And actually, I wouldn't mind something other than a diamond. I've always thought rubies had more Scriptural significance."

"Oh, I LIKE that! Yes...."

We had been phone dating for only 2 weeks when we decided it would be nice to meet again, but how? He was in Virginia, I was in Florida. So my Dad came up with the idea to meet halfway...say, in Charleston, SC! So Poppa drove me up, and Daniel drove down after work one weekend in September.

"Well, do you know who you are going to marry? I know it! Can I have that kiss now?"

A very tired Daniel had the nerve to ask for our first kiss the night BEFORE we got engaged!!! The audacity and presumption *_* Yes, anything worth having is WELL worth waiting for!

The next morning, Daniel overslept while Poppa and I in the next room, early risers *_* got up and got "purdie"! Daniel felt bad when he did wake up...he had set the clock time for 6:00 a.m. instead of the clock ALARM in his room *_* But he got up, and we went down to the lobby for a continental breakfast. Next...The Talk!!! He and Poppa went into his room while I waited patiently(?) in Poppa's & mine...nearly an hour later, they came over, chatting away *_*

Poppa told us to go 'see the town' (historic Charleston) while he stayed in the room and read his Rush Limbaugh book *_* Dear Poppa! But as soon as we got out to the car..."Well? What did he say?"

"Mostly, we just talked about all kinds of things, but I made sure and 'officially' got his permission to marry you, too!"

We toured beautiful Charleston...visited shops, loitered in parks and by fountains. We were totally caught up in the beauty of the day, the city, and the love we shared. After lunch at a local cafe, we went to White Point Gardens on the southern-most tip of peninsular Charleston. There, Daniel Robert Seest said:

"Jennifer, will you marry me?"

And just what do you suppose I answered? I mean, I'd only known this man existed for less than a year. I only met him through the mail 3 months ago. I only met him in person 1 month (to the DAY) ago. Can a person know that another person is God's will for a "'Til death do you part" marriage when they've only known them that long?


Of course, we headed right back to the hotel to tell Poppa right away! And we called Daniel's parents. Mom's comment was priceless:

"The North and the South met in Charleston, and THIS time, BOTH SIDES WON!!!"

That night, Daniel took Poppa and I out for a celebratory dinner at one of my favorite restaurants...Cracker Barrel!!! I suppose the food was wonderful as usual...I don't recall eating *_* Then the next morning, we headed back to historic Charleston and went to morning worship at the First Baptist Church...the oldest Baptist Church in the South, founded in 1682. Then we visited the park where we had gotten engaged the GLORIOUS day before *_* The church bells were chiming, the squirrels were still scampering, the doves, still cooing. What a blessing that day was!!! It ended all too soon, as Daniel had to be back in Virginia in the wee hours of Monday morning for work, but WHAT WONDERFUL MEMORIES!!

Next stop, Wedding Plans!!!

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