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(To keep it totally safe, I've chosen to go with the Family-Friendly Site Guidelines...with a few additions by me *_*)

Freedom of speech is an extremely important right of all Americans. However, we also have a right to live without being molested verbally, visually, emotionally, or physically. While some proponents of absolute and total freedom of speech place that right above seemingly all other citizen rights, we are not here to make judgment on that opinion. In fact, we understand the reasons why many feel so strongly about freedom of speech in light of abuses by many past and present governments. The purpose of this webring is simply to offer a list of country-themed homepages that voluntarily abide by guidelines of conduct as outlined below.

A site listed in THE COUNTRY CLUB WEBRING abides by principles of love, honor, and respect...and has a homepage with a country theme!

The site follows the spirit of the guidelines outlined herein. If you would be ashamed for your mother or 4 year old child to be "exposed" to something, then that something probably shouldn't be in/on your homepage...or in THE COUNTRY CLUB WEBRING.

The site contains absolutely NO "adult"-theme or sexually-explicit text, images, or photographs; NOR LINKS to pages with any of the afore-mentioned. And PLEASE don't try to "stretch" this by using clearly double-meaning "humor".

This site is not exclusively for Christians. However, as a Christian, I maintain that any site which contains information DIRECTLY CONTRARY to the BIBLE will be contacted as to what content on their site is unscriptural...using direct quotes from Scripture to explain the "problem". If you choose to maintain unscriptural content on your site, it will be clear that you do not wish to be a part of this webring.

Sites change in content regularly; if changes are made to a site such that its content or one of its links no longer meets these guidelines, the site needs to either be edited promptly or I will need to remove it from THE COUNTRY CLUB WEBRING.

There will be differences of opinion as long as there are more than one person in a webring *_* The owner of this webring reserves the right to decide whether THE COUNTRY CLUB may be joined by any given site or deleted if & when a site changes and no longer is in keeping with the guidelines.

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